My Angel

My Angel
Are you there when I sigh?

Do you feel it when I cry?

Do you feel it when I die?

My Angel

Are you lonely for me?
Do I harken a cry too painful for thee

Am I selfish

For questioning and neglecting you

Are you happy?

Am I?


My Angel

Do I make you smile?

Do I make you laugh?

Do you feel my heart?

Are you near my path?

I wish to be…

I wish to do…

I wish you near

For eternity…


My Angel
Can you feel it?

The life which you guide.

Can you hear it?

My soul filled with pride.


My Angel
Is He great? 

As great as you?
Can you relate?

Perhaps a fate for you…


My Angel
I wish to see 

As the blind enlightened

I wish to hear

As the deaf awakened

I wish to speak

With the voice forever silent

I wish to touch

With the purity of the mind


My Angel
Call me home
Together, never alone

I pray to Him
Do you hear me?
My Angel

I feel for Him
Do you feel me?
My Angel

I cry for Him
Are you there?
My Angel


I speak to him

Perhaps you, my angel

30 responses to “My Angel

  1. Beautiful words and image enreal dearest.

    I’ve only shared this with a few people, but I’ve seen spirit beings…one was particularly beautiful! I can’t even describe how beautiful! Then I had a reading a few months ago..and I was to select one card out of a huge deck..the card I selected had the image of the angel I saw on it! She told me it is a special guardian angel. 🙂

    Energies of Love, light, and peace of heart to you.

  2. Beautiful, Enreal. I’m sure your angel heard you, standing by your side. I’m sure she will answer you if you will listen :]

    Again, this is beautiful. Thank you

  3. mossy~ they are around and some are even hiding within… you are one… look within

    Just Ordinary~ thank you my dear friend

    Gypsy Heart~ I too believe with every fiber of my soul… there are far too many mysterious thoughts… far too many conversations of the heart… and somehow your description gave a perfect vision… it was beautiful… I shall have to close my eyes and look with the eye of my mind… Love to you my dear friend

    Rainer~ I love that question… I have pondered this ever since you asked… perhaps I shall one day hear the answers… I hope so… thank you

    Surface Earth~ perhaps (i love that word) indeed 😉

    Cyrus~ thank you… i enjoy them too

    Cordie~ sweet, thank you

    glaize~ i feel her by my side… the same way i feel my soul and my mind… indescribable… I shall listen

    Thank You all!!! I felt incredible energies and thoughts… I am blessed by both my angel and you, for you are all angels

  4. Enreal, lovely poem. But I have a question for you. I am writing a book, well its done actually, and I want to use this picture you used, as my cover… I need permission from the artist to do so, and I had hopes that you could point me in the right direction. please if you can, e-mail me the information as to wear you got this image. Thank you so much! My e-mail is

  5. i have enjoyed each line of ur poem.. it is simply the best…. i do believe in angels too…..

    ~soumyaagarwal~ welcome to my journals… I love my angels… it is nice to believe

  6. to them i’m simply an object from the past that they wish will disappear then why do i exist anb live??when i thought about this i could find no answer but as you live you need a reason otherwize it’s the same as being dead i then came to this conclusion i exist to kill every human besides myself fighting only for myself living only loving myself and if you think that everybody else simply exists to allow you to experience that feeling nothing is better that tha world and continue to feel that joy of living my existence will not vanish ………………..nice poem and sweet words ……………..child of the dark

  7. The Angel sits and writes
    Writing out how she feels
    Tears stream down her face
    No one knows why
    No one can see a dark, lonely angel
    But a white, crystal angel

    As the angel writes out her words,
    No one can see her world
    Her world of sorrow and pain
    Blood is on the paper
    Her dark soul can be seen

    You can see her world
    Full of ashes; nothing that can grow
    You can see the full moon
    Reflecting on her pale face
    The angel can scream
    Without making any noise
    The angel can cry,
    Without shedding a tear
    The angel can hurt,
    Without feeling anything inside

    I feel like I’m alone
    In this world
    I’m screaming
    But no one can hear me
    I’m crying
    But my tears don’t seem to fall
    They can’t help me
    Because no one knows
    How i feel inside
    They see me put a smile on my face
    But inside I’m crying
    They don’t know how I feel
    Whenever I’m around
    the burja in my world
    ______________________________child of the dark
    _____________________the darkness of an angel____________

    ~Child of the dark~I am blessed to have these words here… I have no words of my own to describe your beauty

    • i know someone like this. but you must remember that this poems’ Angel is blessed, because she sees her world for what it is. where others see light she sees all. it is sad that she won’t speak of it. but then, if she did, she would make others see the dark too, to have an abyss centre. but then, to make one Dark, or make many grieve? if she is strong enough, she would cut the knotted lines and thread them anew.

  8. people Y don’t understand what feeling author
    may be he/she () means that – Angel are not a
    He is a person, who love,care she (and perhaps be loved)

    sorry for my English I’m from Ukraine

  9. people Y don’t understand what feeling author
    may be he/she () means that – Angel are not The thought up being.
    He is a person, who loves, cares, trust she; feel your soul, even you can’t.
    But girl don’t know : Where search 4 him?

    And I believe, that You’ll find him!!!11

    //sorry for my English

    ~zorro~ even with your english, I felt your words… they are perfect! thank you for this comment!

  10. I find it difficult to describe in words just how beautiful this is. I am so happy I found your journals.

    May your Angel always fill you life with love and happiness


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  12. gr8 poem bro…….. gr8 poem indeed
    just stole my thoughts…….. lately i m very very sad……… this poem seemed to b the reflection of it…..

  13. I walked along a sandy beach,
    An Angel by my side,
    We laughed and smiled, and talked a while,
    with a love we could not hide.

    We looked into each others eyes,
    We held each others hand,
    We felt the warm and peaceful glow
    As we walked along the sand.

    The sky above was clear and blue,
    with not a cloud in sight.
    we held each other, oh so close,
    ’til day turned into night.

    We looked up at the shining stars,
    a teardrop in her eye,
    We felt the sadness in our hearts,
    when we had to say Goodbye.

    I know she was an angel,
    I felt it from the start,
    But Jesus took her from me,
    and ripped away my heart.

    I bleed and cry, and call her name
    every single day,
    but I hear a voice inside my head
    say, ‘I haven’t gone away’.

    ‘I’m right here watching over you,
    wipe away your tears,
    I never really left you,
    so, cast away those fears’.

    ‘I’m always there beside you,
    with every breath you take,
    I’m with you sleep and dream..,
    I’ll be there when you wake’.

    ‘My love for you will never die,
    I often hear you say,
    .., Be at peace for now, my love,
    we’ll meet again one day’.

    For my Angel, Helen. r.i.p xx

  14. This photo is a picture I used for my tatoo. Its represents my mother who passed away took me years to find the perfect angel until I saw this photo..

    • Sorry for your loss… i too have lost someone dear to my soul… the picture is beautiful…. may we all find what we need when we need it. Thank you Victoria

  15. Your words are clearly from the heart Enreal…so touching! I stumbled upon your site by chance. I was looking for inspiration cause I draw Angels and the one I was looking to draw will be portrayed in a starter position – like when one stoops into the ready postion to run a race. As I was browsing the web I came across your site through a google search, then I read your beautiful dedication to your Angel – excellent work and thank you for sharing your poetic words 🙂

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