The sound of light

dark-room-light-through-window-hunched-man1Awakened to the sound of the light. It rang true through the night. It beckoned for me to follow. It granted me sight. Determined as I was, as always my right. But am I? Is it? What chance have I in this fight?


Light is the savior, yet darkness embraced me so long. It sheltered me and comforted me. It gave me its home. In silence and contemplation I felt not alone. In the dark I found my soul. In the dark I found my home. Yet now it’s time for me to go.


Why then Do I want to stay, why then does my body and mind turn away. From the light I wish to sway, yet tell me not this day. I am wrong, it is not my home. It is not the way. It is not the chance I yearned for. It is not the only way.


It is blinding. It burns. It has a way of taking and making turns. I will wait. Perhaps follow, perhaps stay. I will not go nor decide this very minute, perhaps neither this day nor the next. When it’s time I shall go, for now light, leave me alone.

Light and Time

I forgot the time
I forgot the present

I have no memories

Only thoughts


I worry of the future
I worry of the past
Troubles upon troubles

Forever are cast


Gone now are seconds and minutes
Hours and days

Years hold fears
Time holds tears


Tired and regretful
Panicked and fretful

Life is gone and left us in shadow
Yearning for now
Not for tomorrow


Turn around and around
A clocks hand and bell sound
Dizzy and loud
Time holds wickedly proud


Time is home to many a prison
Light once forced to comply
Since it has broken through,
Light is fugitive and eternally new


Light has gone to the end
Time has found no new friend

They will meet again
At a point where they are one

Looking from shadow to sun

All is one at the beginning
Centered they see
One in one will they be



Endlessly Free


Happy New Year

Be The Light

~ Enreal



The night began to quiver with energy. The stars suspended high above the world. The moon shone down with the light of the endless years.

The  wind blew gently through the ageless branches of life. The air held breath, the vivid darkness held time. Still yet pulled with the weight of anticipation… then the shift… through the moon light… Voices came from high… from within… through the silence… through the wind… spoken clearly… simultaneously… beautifully…

We speak to thee as one
We plead to thee as none
While in the night we sought
Within ourselves we fought

For when we awake
Our lives we forsake
In the night we burned
What in the day we learned

As they fade,
The answers we so desperately seek.
As they go,
Our soul will always know.
As we part,
From the knowledge we most want.
As we learn,
That they can never be taught.
For as we grow,
With our soul aching to know.
They can never be lost
They can always be found
They are always within us
They are always around

Our truths
Our answers
Our lives
Our destinies

It is with you we yearn to see

It is with you we wish to be

Free with you

Bless this moon light

We can see

Now live

and be free

as if made from the fibers of a dream…

The night became still once more. The words lay vivid on the ground. The moon shines as never before. Bless this moon light indeed.