Can you hear me
I call to you
I am not near you
I am with you

In patience
In solitude
I am always here
Waiting for you to hear

What I would give
To be more than a voice
What I would give
To be heard
To be given the choice

As I watch you from a distant place
I look into your eyes
I look into your space

with all of this searching

you see not my face

We sit in silence
You never realize I am here
As I wait for you to see
I wait for you to hear

You and I

Shall be together

you and I



in silence

With you



My dearest, why are you sad?

Why do you weep?

What brings forth the pure water from the center of your being?

What brings down the saline of your Soul

Speak to me


For I know your heart

I know your mind

Yet I know not the Soul

In which you hide

I can here all which is spoken

In the mind, in the heart

I know all which is intended

I feel all which is felt

Yet I  know not of matters of the Soul

Your Soul belongs to You

For you see as I see

I feel as you feel

I am with you

I can guide you

We can plant the seeds of your heart

Use your tears to grow 

With your wisdom we sow

A garden for both to know

So once again tell me my dearest, why are you sad?

Why do you weep?

You know I am here

Yet you run

You needn’t run

Fall to your knees

Kneel before your life

Let me be

With you

At peace

Don’t be sad