7 responses to “Water

  1. Enreal, thanks for taking the time to create something for us to ponder upon each day. Water is so powerful; even in its stillness. The rapids remind me that there are some things in life that are beautiful to see from a distance, to hear from a distance, and perhaps touch the outskirts of. But once we decide to jump in the middle, we may be getting in too deep to get back out. We may become caught up in the turmoil before we realize it; although our intentions were for the best. But if we hold strong and keep the faith, the rapids will finally release us and we will have learned a very valuable lesson and see life just a bit more clearer. . .Just me rambling . . again.
    Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

    (((Cordie))) Love the metaphors you used… they hold beautiful truths… you are welcome to “ramble” here anytime… your ramblings sound like wonderful knowledge to me… peace

  2. Hello, I do like the water falling down. I feel peace and joy inside and I love the air near the falls.

    (((Rainer)))… yes!!! there is a quality around the air… almost as if you are on the border of something surreal… love that. Thank you for the reminder…

  3. In echo to Cordieb’s words, Enreal, you really do give us insights. Again, nature is indeed one of God’s many instruments to remind us life is not all good, not all bad but a journey full of lessons, and the one path we’d chosen to tread on.

    (((glaize))) lessons indeed… I sometimes wonder about my path…

  4. Enreal ,

    I hope you don’t mind if I leave a comment on Glaize’s poem here .

    Glaize ,

    I couldn’t post a comment on your poem .I needed to log in .
    I didn’t know to log in .
    I really liked your poem .

    I wanted tell you ……that ….

    There are worlds beyond worlds .
    Step out on the winds to be carried to other worlds .
    You will meet your sunshine rain
    and the tears will be of joy .

    We all will dance with you
    in the rain , under the blessed sun .

    Were you the one to have discovered
    compassion . The blessed one !


    (((akash))) this place is home to all who visit… Speak, speak…

  5. The majesty of water

    As a wave of release

    The power of water

    As a place of peace

    I love those words!

    (((Paul)))… So excited to see you!!! You haven’t been around… Glad you enjoyed this…

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