Hollowed echos shatter the silence

My heart and body are filled

My soul has cleared 

And now I wait

for fate

to deliberate

my future…


When the time is right I shall return. I miss this place, it was my home. Circumstances change and life grows, one day I shall return, hopefully soon and when I do I shall be different. We shall see. For now, for the few who still come, we shall meet again. Until then, be well my friends.



9 responses to “Absence

  1. Hello & goodbye (for now) once more then, my friend. Hopefully not for long. I’ve missed you & your beautiful words. But, Lord knows I come and go too much myself. I give up trying to find reasons or give explanations for it… or to make promises or apologies (to myself or others). In a perfect world I would write & read every day to my hearts content… but this is not a perfect world, and my heart will continue to search for its content when & where it can. I do hope yours finds its own… here or there… but at least some of your very own & soon. Take care.

  2. Of course you will be different, you keep evolving even when the world is stagnant. I still like you though, that shouldn’t change.

  3. Hello…I’ve just returned myself after almost two year. You were on my list of “Must Visits” to see if you were still around. Like the others, I await your return. Namaste, dear one.

  4. wanderers wander
    thoughts to ponder
    will fate
    reach a state
    to deliver to us
    in a patiently wait
    for fate
    to show our future
    or is perhaps too late
    I hope not 🙂

    such a flow within these words of wisdom you have
    whispered on the wind, they keep drawing us back in
    I hope everything is okay within your world…
    and you will wander back in soon
    Take Care…You Matter…

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