Silence walks and rings her bell

Silence walks and rings her bell, the ground wet and cold beneath her feet… the air is heavy, it is suspended by rain, the fog lays ignored on this misty twilight by Silence.

Silence walks and rings her bell. The stones lie cold and alone on this twilight. Not a soul in sight but for the birds which rest upon the stones, memorials of those who passed, the birds pass by too.

Silence walks and rings her bell, for those who rest shall hear the ring of love, the sound of remembrance… they shall feel remembered.

Silence walks and rings her bell, she tires and walks the cold wet ground towards the gates. Slowly she turns towards the stones, watching the fog, acknowledging the birds and thanking the twilight. Be it of silence, remembrance, acknowledgment… Be it of presence…

Remember to walk with Silence and remember the day…

Happy Birthday Dad

June 14, 1948- December 18, 2006

The third birthday I missed…


Can you hear me
I call to you
I am not near you
I am with you

In patience
In solitude
I am always here
Waiting for you to hear

What I would give
To be more than a voice
What I would give
To be heard
To be given the choice

As I watch you from a distant place
I look into your eyes
I look into your space

with all of this searching

you see not my face

We sit in silence
You never realize I am here
As I wait for you to see
I wait for you to hear

You and I

Shall be together

you and I



in silence