Is your life yours?
Do you live for you?

Are you a prisoner to life?
Or do you lead your own?

We live day to day and hide.
Behind a veil we hide

Afraid to reveal our beauty

Afraid to remove the mask.

Are you in control?
Can you let it go?

We forget to look closely.
What we do not see
Owns us.

What we do not see
Controls us.

Deep down inside
The place where we hide
Our soul stirs
It screams
It pleads

“Remove the mask!”

If you hide in society
If you live in shame for goodness
Your soul is in shame
Your soul screams in vain.

All that renders lost feelings
All that gives forth hope
Begins to fade away.
We are not in control
We need our souls.


There is no turning back time
There is only here and now
There is only life
There is only one.

Live today
Not yesterday
Nor tomorrow

Masks tie to your soul
Masks weigh on our hearts
Masks infringe on our minds
Masks get us lost
They hide our souls


Time to reclaim
Time to release our souls
Our spirits whole
Show yourself and Smile
Live and be who you were meant to be!