What do you believe in?

26 responses to “Believe

  1. I believe from the moment you’re born, as you go through your life your soul is searching for the right one, that one soulmate everyone has, and though, we go and do our things,all the meanwhile,we’re dating, or trying to find love, some of us choose to bury theirselves into work,and other things, in which sometime never end up finding their soul mate, doesn’t mean their soul mate wasn’t trying to find them.
    That’s just one topic.

    I’m a history buff and all types of things, I believe, we will evolve and use all of our brain, not just one hemisphere, and with that, I think we will actually discover a lot more great things, and We will have better achievements, but I also think it will take a while for us to evolve, and i’m pretty sure human kind is going to get stupid again before it gets smart. [Such as today’s horrible ways] We’re becoming stupid. Well, most are.

    I believe, somewhere out there is another habitable planet that people just like us or different are living on, I’d like to go in space one day, but I doubt NASA Will have the technology for a explore farther than the moon and with actual humans not satellites.

    Well, I think i’m done for now, lmao, I’m going to get some crab legs, they sound tasty right about now. =]


  2. I believe the Love is the Creator of all we know and all we don`t. I believe we are born here to grow and develop our souls to become the One Love again. We experience ourselves here and in every single thing is the One in miniature ๐Ÿ™‚

    (((eva)))… what a beautiful description of a beautiful concept… blessings and Light to you

  3. I believe that we are spirits all tied to the one pure source of love and energy called “GOD” and we are here on this Earth right now having a physical experience and thus experiencing ourselves. I believe that we are all connected as one and came out of the same oneness that birthed us. I believe that there is a much bigger definition of “life” than what society gave us. I believe that we should drop the labels and stop hiding behind them and using them as excuses for the unthinkable actions we commit against each other every day. But above all “I BELIEVE”!

    (((evita))) above nothing else!!! thank you for your beliefs, they are beautiful… they are life

  4. I believe life is a journey and that we are guided by the unseen and it is only us that can choose whether to hear the guides or walk alone. I believe that one day everything will make sense. That we have a soul mate, a destination, our stories will be shared. I believe that without a belief we are just a void.

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog.

  5. In a nut shell I believe that love is the key lesson that we are learning, everything else is noise, distractions if you will. We are love and that is what the ultimate lesson is.

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