One month more

that would leave another year

 of more memories

 and less fears

they said it would heal

they did not lie

but healing is not comforting

or filling

the void is still inside


“I thought you were dead…”

I woke slowly, my mind still wrapped in thought. How vivid the night was. The sound of his breath. The touch of his hand. The soft, safe security of his arms… the warmth of his worried eyes…

Another night of dreams, more moments fading into visions, merging into the flashes of emotions… forgetting reality and death… as our minds traverse universe upon universe…

“no my daughter, I am not dead,” he replied with a soft smile.

An amazing dream I had with my father. As always when I dream of him, I forget he died. I miss him in person, here in my life… but I know he is still alive in my heart… as he told me last night in our far away world…

Hard to believe it has been almost three years…