Questions to God

If you were to have a conversation with God, what would you say, what would He say? We may not know His answers… but what’s the harm in questioning… here are some questions I have… feel free to ask 


Q 1 Why are people so different and yet so the same? Of all the wants in the world I would say what people desire most would be love, affection, and a meaningful purpose.
On the other hand there are some that don’t want those complex emotions; there are some that simply want food, shelter and health.

Q 2 Why is it that those things are not granted to all? Why are some people (myself included) philosophizing about God and meaning, when there are so many dying before our eyes every minute?
And with that in mind, while people are suffering, there are those who dedicate their lives to helping, why aren’t more people opening there eyes to the world?

Q 3 Why are there people who do not recognize others as themselves? I believe that most people today do not see themselves in others; they do not recognize the same features that link all of us into one species, and one race. Who are they to dispute genetics, science or a simple thing called life? It is so disturbing to know that we are all made up of basically the same materials, we are all breathing practically the same air, and yet we do not think enough to share the same mind, body or soul.

Q 4 Why then is there Hate? If we share all these wonderful gifts, why then do we not see past the physical differences? Why can we not accept different beliefs. They say hate arises from the deepest part of our subconscious, so is that to say that there is no cure for hate, or is it to state that hate is the alter ego to love. If we were to ultimately eradicate hate, would that in turn kill love? Would it be worth it?

Q 5 Why Religion? Why Faith? Why would God allow all this in His name?

18 responses to “Questions to God

  1. Wow..such deep thoughts and questions. As one who has faith and believes in One God..All-Mighty, the Creator, Most High..etc. The answers to your “whys” is the reason for a Hereafter. Nothing in the current world we live in lasts. Everything is temporary. If there was no pain, no suffering, this world would be what we long for after which case, why would there be death? If there was no pain, no sorrow, no suffering, we would not appreciate love, affection and blessings. We wouldn’t appreciate God and we would feel as if we don’t need Him..but we do. So we’re living a test. We are visitors on this short journey and the destination is the Hereafter-Paradise or Hellfire..only God knows.

    • Jamy… indeed only He knows. I have recently (a bit late) visited your beautiful pages. Your site features beautiful and peaceful messages. Blessings and peace to you on Your journey

  2. I would ask God,
    1. How come on some peoples blogs it’s snowing and on mine it’s not? I know it sounds simple but think about it.
    2.What did you create us for?
    3.I’m not to sure that creating evil and nasty things just to teach us what nice and cuddly things are was such a good idea. What are your thought god?

  3. Since mortal compositions are cast by Hand Divine,
    Why then the flaws that throw them out of line?
    If formed sublime, why must He shatter them?
    If not, to whom would we the fault assign?

    Omar Khayyam.

  4. Choice is a heavy gift; it makes the difference. The choice to change or stay the same. The choice to look inward and accept the darkest parts of our shadows without judgement. The choice to change our behaviors. The choice to look at our mistakes and forgive ourselves. The choice to make the extra effort despite the fact that you are angry. The choice to allow others to make their own mistakes so they may grow and learn. The choice to see how you have, in however small a way, partaken in every problem the world has. And the biggest choice of them all: to choose to make just smallest step towards becoming the person you wish to be and creating the world you wish to live in. God is not here so that he may grant our every wish. That is within our power. The working towards the accomplishement of the dreams IS life. Allowing us to grow into our own brilliance and magnificence through the struggles and work is God’s greatest gift to us. He is, however, always here to guaratee success. But only to those who try.

  5. divine………..

    Read these thoughts which are your own if you agree, throw these thoughts which are mine if you disagree .

    All these thoughts are natural, your own, from your own world, from you only. You have all the rights and liberty to implement your thoughts in your life, you are your own sun and ray of this universe .

    If any thing has to be truth , it has to be universal truth .

    If it is true for human beings , it must be true for everything which exists like sun , moon , tree , birds , stars , car , road , music , and everything what so ever you can think .

    Read all these thoughts with love .

    To explain love by example of coin , like coin has head , tail and thin edge , Desire is like coin head , hate is like coin tail , thin edge is love , where no desire , no hate .

    Love is your inner wealth, seed of which you bring in your closed hands to plant in this world to make it a tree of happiness.

    Can you see your own image without mirror?

    Even I cannot see my own image without mirror, so thing which is truth for you is truth for me also.

    I am the creator of nature .

    Nature is my image .

    Nature is the cosmic world .

    I always exist , nature creates and destroys itself .

    I am you , nature is your body .

    I am very simple , nature is very complex .

    Like I am inside like I am outside.

    I can see myself through you , you are my medium , and body is your medium .

    I am everything known or everything unknown .

    I want to see myself through you , life is a chance for the ray to know sun .

    I am eternal sound existing in everything .

    Life is a rare opportunity for you to know me through the medium of body to become me .

    Your body is your guru because of this only you can know me .

    I want to be happy to see my clean image of creation for that I give everything a mirror inside and the possibility for every one of you to keep this mirror clean and when mirror is clean , I am with you .

    I am easy to understand and complex to explain .

  6. Why is there hate?
    That, my dear friend, is a question for the ages and in many ways closely related to #3.
    I have been raised Roman Catholic
    but consider myself to be an ‘independent’.
    I have never subscribed to the ideology of confession before a priest.
    I confess every single day of my life and see no need for that.
    I view my life as penance as well as reward in many ways and try like hell to just do good everyday.
    There are some questions that simply defy answers and I have chalked many of them up to the great hole in the sky because the answers are too far beyond my reach.
    I could go on for another three hours but that little man inside my head says, “Go to bed, knucklehead.”
    I guess I will finish by saying that watching the birth of my three daughters was enough to convince me of a higher power.
    Do I believe?
    Do I agree with His ways?
    Not always.
    Do I accept blindly?
    The illness my mother and father have endured has told me ‘Yes’.
    This ‘page’ is amazing in so many ways.
    As are you, Enreal.

  7. To go along with the ‘why’ questions —- Why show me so much, only to keep me bound to this place and these people?

    My ultimate question though will be – Did/Do I make you proud?

    • I love this comment… thank you for sharing your questions… and I think you can hear the answer somewhere… I heard that you know why and yes… I myself think along these lines and hear the gentle whisper of the wind… that is enough for the moment. blessings to you for your awareness.

  8. I have a lot of questions, but first of all I have a question for all of you! Have you been given the chance to learn about God? One of my main things is how can God send people to hell without even giving them a chance? So if any of you read this please tell me, I would love to know!!!! Now here are my questions!!

    1. What is heaven like? Are there librarys and art displays?
    2. Who created you? God created us, but what happened to him?
    3. Without sounding rude, how old is he?
    4. Whats your plan? Why do all these things have to happen before we can go to heaven?
    5. Why is it that some of us are so open minded and some just refuse to beileve whats right in front of us?
    6. Why is there war? Why did you make it so we would have to be constantly fighting and disagreeing?

  9. I love these questions… I have only thoughts, which are nowhere near answers… your questions are so creative and important…

    Here is one which you inspired… why can some people think so large? I suppose it is like your #5

    Keep on questioning and believing in your thoughts… your wisdom shall shine light upon your answers

    Thnk You Serenity

  10. Such a great topic and I like your questions. I don’t know if there is a God per say, and I certainly don’t think God is a he or a she, but there is a creator…a force or forces that have created and continues to create all that we can observe around us. What I do know of this creator, is that it is also a destroyer…destruction often lays the ground work for creation…case in point…a Volcano…creates land…fertile lands…where animate beings can thrive…then in one day it can wipe all animate life away and instantly convert it again into the inanimate to be once again used for the next creation…same with stars..born our of explosions and gas and dust…to shine so bright and warm…only again to explode or die quietly…once again ready to be used for the next creation.

    If I am correct about God…it frustrates me beyond description that we as an intelligent species cannot wake up and define great missions in life and work together like a powerful wave…swelling up in forward slow momentum…towards our goals.

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