Leave of absence… off with my muse

Taking a break to finish a project… thanks to all who visit and keep me inspired… be back soon


What say you muse… shall we have a go? Shall we venture into the area which has been left unattended for too long… for this place has become overgrown… it has become wild.

What say you muse… shall you accompany me this evening? For it has been too long… the tales are wide and adventures need to be shared… what say you muse… shall we?

I believe we shall dear friend …

it has been too long and the air is crisp with anticipation…

it is fresh with dry water

alive with the winds which caress

Caress with icy hands that burn not the skin

Where is this place you speak of… for I see beauty in this darkness

that which is invisible to the dark

yet tangible and real

I see nothing abandoned…

All is well and right… all which is in plain sight… yet it is my mind which is ripe… awaiting a friend to accompany my thoughts tonight

Words and visions.

Thoughts and creations.

Songs and lyrics.

Colors and Sounds

It is my mind which races during slumber

It is my dreams which keep my soul awake

I am grateful

I am bursting

So what say you muse? Shall we go and make art… shall we once more make that which is obscure… clear?

Indeed we shall

Portraits of familiar strangers


By Dana Klein


By Dana Klein

by Dana Klein


By Dana Klein

These portraits were done by my favorite artist… my mother… Will be taking a short break… so I leave you with this art… hope you enjoy them, and visit my mothers site for more work

Klein Fine Arts Studio