Who is Enreal?


Who is Enreal?

Enreal is an angel… she is the name of my Soul. She invaded my thoughts and became part of my being. She is my muse and I am her instrument. We live as one and act as two. Her desire is to be free. To help guide others to their homes. Enreal is my blessing, I am hers…

Enreal is an angel… she laid dormant in my heart. Then one day Enreal awoke… Enreal awoke to find a beautiful world… here she is, with me, in this beautiful world…

53 responses to “Who is Enreal?

  1. If one seeks an angel with an open heart, one shall always find one and when one finds one, even though only known for a brief moment, it’s as if one has known one forever…….albeit…a mysterious angel…

    Sometimes I think you are not real flesh and blood but a brilliant light….a force of energy….

    (((Alan)))… You are a catalyst for my energy… what a beautiful picture you share with your lovely words, thank you for the honor of them… I am humbled

  2. Enreal. You are so soul stirring. So blessed you are to have been reawakened. Is it hard to coexist, or does it become easier with each passing day?

    (((Cordie))) It is never easy, as you may yourself know from your wisdom, Thank You for joining me here and your beautiful thoughts!

  3. You are one of a kind indeed. I’ve been reading through your posts and some touched me personally. I think it’s time to update my blogroll.

    If the world has more angels like you, I know that every day for just about anyone would be full of sunshine and rainy days would just be another stone to leap on for more sunny days.

    Much love

    (((Glaize))) Much Love to you! What nice things to say, you touched my heart! Welcome!

  4. i think in many ways we serve as angels to one another. i feel honored and blessed to have had an angel visit my little site — thank you, enreal.

    (((Ratedxtin))) bless you always… I feel the light and love in your words, I am honored as well to have you here… Thank you

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  6. once spoken,
    it always will live,
    keep your step,
    all the world is free,
    all the world is in peace.

    enjoy your life-journey 🙂

    (((vishesh))) once written it will always live! Love this concept… I feel there is so much alive already, waiting… that is my life journey… thank you for being here…

  7. ‘Allow yourself to merge with Me, and experience all that is Divine in your angelic realm. Place your trust in Me, and I shall be with you, till the end of time and beyond. This is My promise to you (and humanity)’

    ~cyrus~ simply beautiful

  8. Hey,
    have been a lousy visitor lately, but have been thinking about you nevertheless.
    I will have to write you an e-mail one of these days, I think you may be able to help me with something, or at least you may be willing to share some of the experiences of your journey.
    Hope peace is with you.

  9. enreal,
    thank you for sharing your thoughts with me; our love for grammar is one that is spread and nourished by your unique and ubiquitous words.

    ~mg~ thank you for sharing your words with me… namaste

  10. An angel?
    I think I already knew that.
    Lord only knows I need all the angels I can get in my life.
    Watching over me?
    Comfort . . .

    ~michael~ you are surrounded by many angels… you know your blessings and that is what shines through the darkness… you have become an inspiration to me and I can see by your wonderful pages you inspire many others as well… in these crazy times it is interesting to see who we meet and for what reasons… live and learn… with the shelter of angels wings…

  11. Havent been here in a while, hoping all is well with you. Reading the muse and you, makes me smile.

    ~mysoul~ you bring an air of happiness with you… you make me smile~

  12. Enreal,

    thank you for your kind comments today, I’ll be writing you in the next days. I’m ready to move on 😉 .

    ~S~ when you are ready you will know… we need not more reminders of time… take life as it takes you… love and light my friend~

  13. Enreal,
    Thanks for your post your one heavy dude. I’m not sure your sane but then who is these days. Anyway thanks and stop by anytime.

    ~fevah~ thanks… I think ? Definitely not a ‘dude’ though… heavy? Heavy hearted mostly… thank you for that post… made me think what I would want to talk about … if I had a chance. Welcome to my site… dito.

  14. my apologies for calling you a dude, Enreal. So why the heavy heart?
    Come over and talk to me about it if you like. I know you “love a conversation.” I’d love to talk to you some more.

    ~fevah~ life is heavy… no worries about the *dude* happens all the time 😉

  15. Enreal when you say life is heavy, you mean YOUR life is heavy. Try and be like those snow flakes you told me about, all light and fluffy “n” stuff just for a little bit. Maybe if your a snow flake falling in the dark once “n” a while life being heavy wouldn’t be so much of a burden for you. Man I know the world you come from is, I don’t know the words, but from what i have seen of the western world on the net, Heavy doesn’t come anywhere near in summing it up Crazy, mixed up, violent, the list goes on. but snow flakes still fall through it all, even through war, death etc. Unless heavy is where it’s at for you in which case, be heavy girl.
    Ofa atu Enreal
    ps: just in case you don’t speak Tongan Ofa atu means love to you. We don’t have a word for goodbye, so we say that instead.

    ~fevah~ brilliant words… heavy is heavy… and we all carry our burdens differently… thank you for adding to this conversation… Tongan Ofa atu … thats awesome!

  16. Whispers of Nada… An extension into the inner cosmos as it breeches the real world. The Illusion, or the Fantasy, sadly we are with divinity and not love, love instead is a dream.

  17. that is so deep and conplex i was wondering when i would find another with that kind of personal feelings that they put into their poem’s and stories of there own journey who can imagine beyond the limits of such passion from the heart and more from the soul and i know there’s more out there wanting to express their most gracious work for other’s to c.i.a.n.l.t.s ”cause i wrote poem’s & short stories most my life but never found a place i could fit in with such beauty of words and the p.i.c’s to go with it to express the nature of itof our within and i love angel’s too i call on them all the time and speak with her as well and always been the type to ask of ,or for feelings of one’s love and greatness that only god or of a true love can know or understand of a life’s journey of a lif time sumed up in a little poem can mean so much to another acrooss the many miles of the jnternet i’ve been searching this poem and pic stuck out with a true meaning of faith,hope,love and god’s grace ,,,,when i needed it the most this very morning when i was in doubt and not to sure of my life and wher i need to be i just turned around ad i believe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!darline

  18. Enreal your words are so fufilling. I understand more now, thank you for sharing all that you know. Your words of wisdom are deeply apreciated. Being open hearted has been easyer for me after read things from this site. It’s a beautiful and peacful place. I just wanted to say thank you again…

    • Morgan… thank you and welcome to my pages… I feel we are all confused and lost at different times in our lives… then there comes a moment when we are found… then lost, then found… I am happy to have been part of one of your moments… and letting you know you are part of one of mine… for I too have been lost, yet now… I feel a little more found ;).
      Blessings on your journey

  19. Enreal, I so much missed your blog. Hope you are doing good. I always feel different sensation, some kind of butterfly tickling inside me when I read your words. It feels as if some wait is there and soon it will get fulfilled.
    Great to be here!
    (I have changed URL of my blog, it is now purplepuppet)

  20. divine …………..
    child ask mother seeing people praying ,ask to whom they pray,
    mother replies ,to god for all the kindness bestowed on them.

    then child ask have you created me to pray to you?
    mother is mom what to answer, get tears ………….

    child inquires again also about the tears thinking question may
    not have hurt ?

    mother composes and hold child in the lap and whispers in the
    child’s ear and says when in the garden I feed you with food , you
    also try with your small tiny hands to feed me ,please mom eat little ,how wonderful food you have cooked for me…still tears flowing

    adds “It is not the requirement of god that we pray .
    prayers are like tiny hands of child wants god to taste the wonderful cosmos that has created.

    kindness is nature of cosmic intelligence and as child is happy mother is happy.

    happiness is prayers and thanks to god

  21. I have an angel also. Its been with me from the start, unaware of its Being I just lived my life. But it grew with me and more knowledge about its own life just as I have with mine. Its life has reflected in mine and mine in his. We are one also, one bond that creates a massave forge that will never be destroyed. I learn things about him, How he can act how he moves, what his skills are and how he can help me and vice versa.

    • Then you are blessed my friend… there are times when I know as you do, and there are other times when I fail to. blessings to you and your angel. forever

  22. Enreal,

    Thank you for the kind comment on my blog! Your prose is truly delightful. I look forward to reading more in the future.


  23. oh my God, Enreal! How long have we ‘known’ each other here in blogland (even with all the fits and starts). I have a confession to make. This entire time, I thought you were female. TOTALLY gobsmacked! It makes me want to go back through all the blogging over the years – both mine and yours – and see how I missed that fact.

    Jezzzzus. 8-|

    Not that it matters one way or the other, mind you. But today I’ve learned a very great lesson. I don’t know what I don’t know. And if I don’t know what I don’t know, what do I know at all??? (if that makes sense)

  24. I have officially shanghaied you; I mean nominated you for the esteemed Versatile Blogger’s Award!

    Please go here to pick up your Award: http://leoutlandosdamour.wordpress.com/about/

    I hope you take to time to check out some of my other nominees if you don’t know them already, and please check out my new friend Charlotte’s blog. As most of you know, I don’t really do this type of thing, but I stumbled upon her blog by accident doing this Halloween guestbook signing for another friend and well, what can I say, I felt obligated. She trusted me, of all people, yeah, and nominated me and she does these really great water-color portraits. If nothing else, please stop by her blog, that would mean a lot to me.

    I hope you enjoy my little “awards show.” I got to play around and be sarcastic and as most of you know–I loooooooooooove to do that.

    Thank you & Happy Halloween!

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