My Angel

My Angel
Are you there when I sigh?

Do you feel it when I cry?

Do you feel it when I die?

My Angel

Are you lonely for me?
Do I harken a cry too painful for thee

Am I selfish

For questioning and neglecting you

Are you happy?

Am I?


My Angel

Do I make you smile?

Do I make you laugh?

Do you feel my heart?

Are you near my path?

I wish to be…

I wish to do…

I wish you near

For eternity…


My Angel
Can you feel it?

The life which you guide.

Can you hear it?

My soul filled with pride.


My Angel
Is He great? 

As great as you?
Can you relate?

Perhaps a fate for you…


My Angel
I wish to see 

As the blind enlightened

I wish to hear

As the deaf awakened

I wish to speak

With the voice forever silent

I wish to touch

With the purity of the mind


My Angel
Call me home
Together, never alone

I pray to Him
Do you hear me?
My Angel

I feel for Him
Do you feel me?
My Angel

I cry for Him
Are you there?
My Angel


I speak to him

Perhaps you, my angel


Clarity appears
Time holds its fears

New visions and tears
Drawing upon the years

Speak it clear
For your soul may hear

Truth in vision
Truth in decision

What have we
But blame and shame
To tame the flame
Or be it the same

For clarity holds fears, tears and years
As does vision with blame and shame

Speak clear… for your soul to hear