Riddles and Reflections

Lucid-dreamsSpeak to me in riddles so I may understand that which is whispered in my mind.


Listen to the other one so I may find that which was lost in thought and broken down with time.


The mind space which was shared is withered and broken.


The time space which has lived now casts shadows and has taken



It makes little sense to others

and less sense to us

yet as we are one

leave chance to none but both


riddles and


chances and



Paths that wind

broken vision

shattered times

all lead to nothing


so nothing we shall lead



and wheels of endless turns

make little sense to



Speak to me in riddles so I may understand that which is whispered in my mind.


There comes a point in Life when we all wonder, even question our purpose. It is the great mystery behind the facade our Soul can only see through…

It is almost like a never ending labyrinth. We start with great intention… entering the Labyrinth… the maze of life… We enter yet are never told… we walk blindly into Life not realizing there is a purpose… when we finally see we are in too deep and feel we must back track to find the meaning… this is where we get lost… for there are many mirages… many false hopes… yet it is a journey we must travel… for what of a journey if there are no memories… why even take the trip… why live… if there is nothing to live for?

It is true we live and get lost in the labyrinth of life… In the end we find the path was there all along. Too engulfed in trying to uncover a great secret, too busy to look beyond ourselves…we missed the path and became engulfed in the maze. There is one secret however… normally it takes a lifetime to uncover… There is no wrong way… so in turn there is no maze… only illusions which make it seem more difficult than it truly is…

We have found our way… our eyes open and ready for the adventure… for we must go back to see what we missed. Our burdens which were carried for so long have been deposited in the maze… we must face them and learn from them… Our lessons which were learned from so many others are left wandering the web we spun… we must find them and let them free…

Our mission is to solve the puzzle… mission complete… for now… for this moment… the soul is strong… yet the mind forgets… each morning we awake to find we face a new day… this day a new maze… yet there is something within… we simply have forgotten…

Just remember… we find the answers and learn and know… yet to live the learned life is to live alone… to break the boundaries of life and retreat from the labyrinth is a noble feat … yet to live within is a more heroic… for the mind and soul are connected yet not… this time we journey together and learn from the maze… for what is life if there is nothing else to learn…

Let us find our way in the maze… journey on…