Beyond Man

I ask of truth

I ask of reality

I ponder the mystery
Seek an illusive history

I try to understand
A language we do not comprehend

It speaks inside our souls
A language and rhythm
It is all so old

Since the dawn of time
We have always known

Since its time is past
It will always last

We will see
It will be

We will understand
All of this is beyond man

too late

We must act now
We must speak before it is too late

How often do we regret
How often do we forget

Why do we procrastinate?
The future is approaching
The future waits for none

Hurry it is almost too late!
Speak the words you feel
Speak and make them real

Breathe…keep them close
Soon they will be gone
Soon they will forget

Hurry it is almost too late!
Say “I love you” for Gods sake…





Take for granted no longer
It is too late
Now you must say “I miss you”
To a shadow in the frame


What if tomorrow never comes. What then? What if you went to bed and there was no waking up? It happens all the time. I am not truly worried about dying…I am however concerned about not living. Not accomplishing what I feel I was meant to. What truly matters? Why do we make goals and procrastinate. My issue is always thinking about the future and not responding to the now. If I were to die tomorrow I would regret not acting on my thoughts and wasting so much time.

What would you regret?


Tonight I feel low

Crawling up for air

Breathing in for life


Tonight I fell deep

Pushed down by life

Pushed down by love


Was it security that held me 

Perhaps a chain which binded

Was it fear which held me

Perhaps guilt that blinded


Tonight I saw

What once was love

Turned dark and sad

What once shone hope

Faded glimmer of what was had


To see one push you down

On your knees

Crying tears of pleading

Reaching for the last signs of hope


To see one push you down

Watch you cry

Watch you crawl


What deserves this?

For there is only the what, not the whom.

No person deserves this

The silence

The tears…

Why should I?

For a short visit

I dreamt of my father…


When he came to me
I saw love

When he spoke to me
I heard love

When he held me
When he embrace me
I felt love

So fast it came
So fast it went
He is gone again
Gone back from whence he came
He came down from heaven