“…this world is beyond chaos, nothing makes sense.”

I was having a conversation the other day with someone who was very upset, with reason.  This stuck in my mind. Chaos. I have written about her many a time, yet here, in summary was my reply.

“In a world full of life we know chaos exists…
is it the confused unorganized state before the creation of distinct forms…
or is it something more.

Can we describe life as chaos?
Life in itself is more than a word,
a thought or even a reality.

Life like God can not be described at all.
Life is a state higher than human consciousness.
Life is a state of being beyond human comprehension.

Like God, life is a gift.
A gift that is not confused,
but focused.

It is organized and exists beyond us.
Life is beautiful.
Chaos does not apply.”


We like to blame anything or everything. Can we blame the way we feel? Does that make sense? Perhaps it does, yet should we? I don’t think so. We might feel the need to blame, or simply we might need to feel what we feel. Either way this was my conversation, give or take a philosophy or two.


Thanks for reading,


Open your eyes

The voice came suddenly. As clear as the sound of water trickling and echoing through the cavern. Yet the cavern was me, my hollowed self, my shell. There came a series of vibrations and then there. There I was. Alone in my cavern, my hollowed self… my shell.

“The questions and requests, the magnitude of self pity and knowledge, the selfishness and always yearning for more. More. Why is it always more… and never enough.”

And there it was. The truth within the avalanche of words…

And there it was. The straw. Laid gently on the fragile pile. The whole of the silence shattered.

“what is it you want for me? what is it you need?”

“close your eyes so you can see,”

“i have only one way of making you understand, close your eyes and come with me”

The illumination was instant, my closed eyes faded… I was free. I turned to see my companion, the truth, the reality.

It was a sad dull light. I knew it was tired, yet it was still bright. This was me. I fell to my knees.

“there is only so much I can do for you, only so much I can give.”

“I can only wonder if this is a mistake, to show you yourSelf”,

The light burned on dull yet bright.

“I can only hope you see this as it was meant to be”

You have Life




Light and Dark

“You were given breath, sight, passion and pain… what more can you feel?

You were granted pride, ego, fear and judgement… what more can you overcome?

You were given hunger and thirst in more ways than one… what can be more than to be fulfilled…

Why always more, and yet it is never enough…”

the light shimmered and became more dull. It seemed to settle on a stream of consciousness and waited…

“Why am I not enough, you ask why are you not good enough… can’t you see that you truly are?

Open your eyes