Remember when the shadows danced upon mirrored waters,

The forest swayed in anticipation of your dreams.

Remember when the stars whispered to your soul,

The oceans tide waved hello.

Remember when the moon would only shine for your heart to feel,

The moon would wane and wax for your joy was real…

Do you remember when? For it was only yesterday in my minds eye. It is not in the distant past I recall the sounds of nature. It was yesterday, we were children… waiting in anticipation for the magic of this life and the next… but alas, the next came to soon… I can not remember the minute when it came. The sounds of an awakening slumber. But it came, seemingly short and important. The importance shifted… the magic faded as a mirage will when water is consumed. What then… what is this water we drink… I wish to purge and remain in that blissful state. Wonder and merriment followed us as children. For I do remember when I would smile… it was before this certain awareness…

Remember the sounds of silence,

The way the wind would echo the laughter of angels.

Remember the light,

The way even the tiniest rainbow would lay captured within the walls of crystals… showing the way to freedom was in our eyes

Remember the rain,

The thunder and lightening would try to frighten us… yet we knew the truth behind the storm Remember the snow, The wind and white… it was never cold

How we live in this world and alone experienced these gifts… these treasures of time… do you remember? I pray we shall never forget…

Yearning Pasts

What do we know,

of our others?
The true meaning of oneness.
What do we know,

…of our families?

…of our loved ones?
…of our histories?
Can we read from our stories?
Do we care?

We say yes

But do we?
Do You?

Who is your lover?
Be it your friend.
Who is your mother?
Be it your Father.
Who is your sister?
Or perhaps a brother?

What are their dreams?
What are their hopes?
Do we only want them to know ours?

Instead of speaking and not listening…
Ask these questions more,
They make your story complete.
For one day you may ponder…
Upon a time you will wonder…
And it may be too late

Make the time

Speak and share

Show your love

Show you’re there


Time does not care for yearning pasts

Make the present matter for time will pass

Make these questions live

For memories shall last

Time does not care for yearning pasts

Lost and Mingled

Close enough to see, the withering reflection. The ripples upon the mirrored surface. Keeping up with our expectations. Your expectations. Who would listen if not you. I stopped a long time ago. The day, the hour, I don’t quite remember. I just know that I stopped. It was easier that way. Easier to go with you down that road.


Was it a lie?

Only to myself.


I walked away from you, with you. I made the choice and now I don’t know how to retrace the steps. I don’t know how to get you back. Penance, apologies, prayers, tears… nothing works. Even honesty… perhaps it was cowardice which failed us… I don’t remember.


The truth is I truly don’t remember the reason. I remember lying, fighting, trying to keep you quiet. I remember it being easier to hide you. Every week I let a piece of you go silent. I let you follow and in turn I let you lose your voice.. I know you are here with me, watching and silent.


I know it is your voice which is silent, though you shout out through the words. It is a relief that they keep coming, for when our words and thoughts mingle and I forget which it is which is speaking it makes me sad and happy. Who was speaking Enreal? Was it you or me?