Wisdom of the Earth

My dear friend Surface Earth has shared amazing wisdom with me…  I find I question everything these days… I was sent answers…brilliant and helpful answers… Thank you Surface Earth… 


Sometimes I wonder what would we do, if we did it for ourselves? In other words, well, no, I mean what I said, what would we do? Most of us, I think, do for others. I am not sure it is altruistic as opposed to learned.

Yes, we work our bones off for others and they turn and say: what have you done for me lately?

I have no magic answers. I have learned only simple ones. Seriously:

1. Breath, and do it deeply and slow because that is your time for you. Breath a mantra if you want, the word God works fine for me.
2. Walk slowly. Yes, that’s it. Walk slowly darn it, I don’t care who is rushing you.
3. Imagine a golden shield of many layers around you, make it look like the Matrix and DO NOT ENGAGE, do not let others suck your energy. And if they succeed in doing so, big deal, they won’t the next time or the time after that. There is no final defeat, remember that.

Peace, energy and light to you.

 These words were in response to a moment I had… it was dark and she shined so brightly leading the way with hope and inspiration

 I thank all who listened to my questions and shown so brightly when my days were dark…