Hollowed echos shatter the silence

My heart and body are filled

My soul has cleared 

And now I wait

for fate

to deliberate

my future…


When the time is right I shall return. I miss this place, it was my home. Circumstances change and life grows, one day I shall return, hopefully soon and when I do I shall be different. We shall see. For now, for the few who still come, we shall meet again. Until then, be well my friends.




I slumber and my words fade. I am slowly slipping away. Who I am to who I was are night and day. I miss my place. I hardly remember my space. I am embarrassed and displaced. Simply disgraced… while my voice is erased.

There are those whom slumber and wake to find they have changed. Some remain and others stray. I do not know yet what I may or may not do for I am still changing. Into what… I do not know. I change for others, not myself… let me find strength to go back or do I wish to remain dormant? Remain asleep so I can not see? Time will tell. 


For now I am sorry

5 (number) is

Five is the third prime number.The number 5 is the 5th Fibonacci number, being 2 plus 3. The atomic number of boron.The number of appendages on most starfish, which exhibit pentamerism. The most destructive known hurricanes rate as Category 5 on the Saffir–Simpson Hurricane Scale. The most destructive known tornadoes rate an F-5 on the Fujita scale. The Roman numeral V stands for dwarfs (main sequence stars) in the Yerkes spectral classification scheme.


There are traditionally Five Wounds of Jesus Christ in Christianity: the Scourging at the Pillar, the Crowning with Thorns, the wounds in Christ’s hands, the wounds in Christ’s feet, and the Side Wound of Christ.The book of Psalms is arranged into five books, paralleling the Five Books of Moses. The Khamsa, an ancient symbol shaped like a hand with five fingers, is used as a protective amulet by Jews; that same symbol is also very popular in Arabic culture, known to protect from envy and the evil eye. Muslims pray to Allah five times a day. 


According to ancient Greek philosophers such as Aristotle, the universe is made up of five classical elements: water, earth, air, fire, and ether. This concept was later adopted by Medieval alchemists and more recently by practitioners of Neo-Pagan religions such as Wicca.


Five is the number of years it has been since you left. Since you ascended to heaven, since you went home. Five is the number of years it has been since I have seen your smile, heard your laughs and seen the joy radiating out of your eyes . Five will be the number, tomorrow, or today, or yesterday. Or FIve years from now. No matter , five is the number on my mind. Time goes on. Memories fade and all we have are the shadows of time. The whispers on the wind, the fragrances in the air and the lingering heaviness of dreams… but I have you forever in my heart and you are forever remembered in my soul.

I miss you dad

Silviu George Klein

June 14, 1948- December 18, 2006



Beethoven symphony 5 opening.svg 

Reality is mind is time is space

I’ve arrived upon the moment

Reached the time in a space that doesn’t exist

Surrendered to the keeper of Minutes

Conceded to the counter of Hours

I came to rest before the master of Days

Unable to stop that which began

I wait for the reasoning to descend

Falling as sand does through the eternal hour glass

The infinite grains hold the universes

Every one as Infinite as Mind

When will it end

Perhaps when is begins again

That which becomes meaning

Now bears no name

Simply the possibility that time is as the universe

Boundless as is space

Unlimited as reality and the mind

Still speaking in riddles and confusion

Travel and bring meaning a new name

Define the undefinable

Bring reality a new perception

Light to mind

Awareness to time

Boundaries to space

Try to stop that which has begun

Before the beginning

Perhaps then you shall see the cycle

Name that which remains nameless in the hall before




Pay homage and kneel


That you shall see the way

Reality is Mind

Mind is Time

TIme is Space

Now Go

Leave this place

The stage is set

The scene is set. All are in position. Time draws near. The empty stage is infused with the energies of the participants. How in the history of the world can one have all these players in waiting for their debut? How in the world indeed…

If you could be in the presence of anyone, whom would you choose? What if it could be bigger than you imagined? How about instead of talking about life with someone… you could talk to Life, understand it, question it…

Death, same as above.

Speak to your mind and infuse it with interpretation.


Talk to Chaos, Emotion, Time… here is your chance. They are waiting in anticipation of your audience

Enter Life. Time. Death. Enter Chaos. Emotion. Purpose, meaning and Destiny

Can you truly find meaning in the meaningless?

Once there was a child, born in a world of chaos. Once there was a girl living in a world of hope. Once there was a life lived alone and shared with the infinity of possibility.

Once there was a time of passion and wonder, this time has since passed leaving the lonely to tend to the fields of unharvested dreams.  In solitude and silence they work., gently plowing and sowing fruitless hopes. The work tiredlessly. They work with little to no knowledge of their intentions. The know not what they do.

Weaving it all together. Leaving no room for poeticism. Why must there always be a story? Why can’t it be like life.


Chaos with Purpose.

And Life

They narrate their intention, infused with knowledge. All apologies knowledge could not be present tonight, though his role is interpreted in the dialogue

There is always a design beneath the surface. Perhaps an unseen pattern leaving light. Wielding emotion as a sword  would upon its final victory.




The stage is set… all in position for a marvelous show… how will you participate?

Light and Time

I forgot the time
I forgot the present

I have no memories

Only thoughts


I worry of the future
I worry of the past
Troubles upon troubles

Forever are cast


Gone now are seconds and minutes
Hours and days

Years hold fears
Time holds tears


Tired and regretful
Panicked and fretful

Life is gone and left us in shadow
Yearning for now
Not for tomorrow


Turn around and around
A clocks hand and bell sound
Dizzy and loud
Time holds wickedly proud


Time is home to many a prison
Light once forced to comply
Since it has broken through,
Light is fugitive and eternally new


Light has gone to the end
Time has found no new friend

They will meet again
At a point where they are one

Looking from shadow to sun

All is one at the beginning
Centered they see
One in one will they be



Endlessly Free


Happy New Year

Be The Light

~ Enreal


Oh time…

you travel so fast, wings beating upon the invisible threads you have woven. as you travel and laugh your song carries on. dancing with the sun.

your thoughts became the embers of fantasy and dreams, your wishes beckoned incredible things. From dust came fire and Moments.

From Ashes came clouds and Years.

shadows became fractured which formed Breaths

sorrows born together with Tears.

and happiness found within the seasons and years.

within your dawn you have created life. together maybe with what has been and forever will be Your Father

Oh time. when will the moment come of our rest. perhaps together, if you’ll have me, we shall accompany each other to a place where we can sit and watch the world. still.




perhaps maybe if time would hear my confusion. taste my thoughts. perhaps I would rest for a bit. ~enreal