If there is light in the soul,
There will be beauty in the person.
If there is beauty in the person,
There will be harmony in the house.
If there is harmony in the house,
There will be order in the nation.
If there is order in the nation,
There will be peace in the world.

-Chinese Proverb

An inspiration… perhaps my muse

Wasn’t too long ago when I was thinking about these things… I wrote sometime back about my inspirations… Since then I have been blessed into meeting some beautiful and awe inspiring people… I have been blessed with some new friends… or shall I call them my muses…


Inspiration is an interesting thing. It can come in the form of a breeze or in the thunder of an applause… It can be seen in the majesty of the sun or in the darkness of the night… It can come in a single word after a thoughtful silence… It can come in the wake of a devistating tragedy… Either way we look for it… seek it… wait for an epiphany… wait for the knowledge… We feel the need for it… we wait… and some are blessed… like myself… 


If I had to name an inspiration… I suppose it would have to be the unknown… I get inspired by my thoughts, my beliefs, the things that can not be explained… it inspires me to search, deep within myself… what I find is questions and a deep sense of wonder… how far will the mind go… But it is easy to name inspirational things… it is people that we need to inspire… people to rise above the rest and  rescue us from the mundane… the routine… make us think out of the box, out of our lives… To find inspirational people that is a blessing…


Akash… has become a dear friend… his words are ever so beautiful… the bring forth deep feeling… I can not describe his words

Cyrus Rumi... The pages emit a beautiful energy and peace… I love it there. 

Ray Gratzner… What can I say? after I read his words I am left in reflection always with some wonderful feelings… he inspires me greatly…

Michael from EarthPages… his dedication to spreading knowledge is wonderful… he inspires me… 

Michael from sky rope… the words paint masterpieces… never have I seen such beauty… amazing works of art… he is an inspiration

Mossy… his soul and questions are powerful… I love his words… he is an inspiration

Now I have only recently met Amber… all I have to say is her energy and intentions are pure… her words are true and from her purpose I find inspiration and light…

Another recent acquaintance is Michael… his words are fresh and alive… His poetry weaves emotions and his purpose is with the purest of intentions… he is an inspiration

Now to Grace… I can not thank her enough… she has inspired me simply by being… her words always carry a deeper and greater meaning… she is an inspiration

And now I  call on the inspiration of my Soul’s friends… for they know who they are…

Sanity has inspired me with her words… her humor and her intentions… she spreads light wherever she travels… I only wish to shine as brightly as she shines… she inspires me

Glaize such a wise soul… so young and yet so old… her life will shine bright and she will change the world… truly amazing… and she inspires me

CordieB… the energy she radiates could light the world… we should look into that! Her words and riddles will leave you in awe… I can only wish for an ounce of her insight… she inspires me

Gypsy… My old friend… her words bring me to a place of peace…I thank her for the connection… she inspires me…

Zen, Sorrow, Kalliope, Surface Earth… Beautiful and Talented by their own right… 

Kalliope… amazing art… she is know to have a musecatcher… I say she is the muse… Inspiring!

Sorrow… Her energy is strong and pure… amazing! Inspiring!

Zenuria… Beautiful and deep intentions, stronger than she knows… Inspiring!

Surface Earth… Powerful thoughts… with deep insight of life… she inspires me


This began as a thank you to Sanity and Glaize… I can not simply state how humbled I am… I can only say this is the reason for my inspiration… all these people weaved together in my life… brilliant people with beautiful things to say… their lives to share… I am blessed… these are the reasons for my inspiration… these are my muses…

Weep for yourselves


“One cannot weep for the entire world. It is beyond human strength. One must chose” -Jean Anouilh

When we wake and the dawn brings us our thoughts anew, what have we to do? A new day to bring a new way. Each day marks the possibility for greatness. And what do we do with it? Forget as people have done for years. We choose our battles, attribute our strengths and transcend our failures onto the next generation. When will this stop, the endless cycle of ignorance and contention?

Is it true we must choose? The pureness of the innocent who know not what the world has become. The misled who follow under false pretense the chosen path of few wise men? Who can we weep for? Ourselves perhaps? The cycle continues…nothing resolved…nothing achieved…the beginning at hand…the end perhaps. Do we all recognize man kind for its faults? Or do we see perfection in a mirage? We need to disturb our eyes, and suffer the Earth. Feel the Earth…for our fathers lie within screaming for us to hear, “Do not weep for the entire world…weep for yourselves, for the cure is hidden and it takes but one to see and the rest to believe”

Choose to believe!!

I recalled this quote by Jean Anouilh… perhaps we shall weep for one another…what say you?


Awaken your soul
Invoke your spirit
Open your mind
Call on your body

Life is a challenge
Our achievements unknown
All our strength we must gather
All our hopes we must show

This journey foreseen
On a page of a dream
Why is it so hard
To not fall apart?

To call on your soul
To invoke your spirit whole
For what is this life
But challenge upon strife?

One day we will be
One day we will see
For the past it has been
To the present we begin

Alive in our past
A life set a cast
No mold let it fill
Or our voice will be still

One Day


One day I will be happy… it is not this day, nor tomorrow… yet I know one day it will be so…

I know not what is the meaning behind this sadness… this daily pain… I feel as if my angel is crying…

I hear not her cries… I miss her sweet voice… I miss her embrace… 

One day I will be free… it is not this day, nor tomorrow… yet I know one day it will be so…



I know not the reason for these feelings… I may be sad… but I am alright. It is not the sadness that bothers. It is something sweeter, deeper… I can not explain further, one day I will understand.

Life is destiny…


What is purpose?
According to some, purpose is required in order to live a decent life, a good life, with direction and meaning. Some people believe God assigns “purposes” to people and that it is their “destiny” to fulfill them. Some believe “purpose” is not given, but chosen.

What is destiny?
Destiny refers to a predetermined course of events. It may be conceived as a predetermined future, whether an individual or a world. It is a concept based on the belief that there is a fixed natural order to the universe.

Would you say “destiny” is “purpose”? I wonder. Is there some important purpose we have here? Are we missing it? Is the light of destiny, part of the greater flame of Life. Which originated first? Life or Destiny?



Do you recall… from a word… your word…

You spoke… and it rang… like a bell

The bell tolled… once… long ago…


It tolled for time had left…

Yet time was kept… in your word

Remember your word… for we had met

Once… when the bell tolled… long ago


Dedicated to Gypsy~Heart… for her energy and her light… something in her words and her spirit… reminds me of a time of old…I simply can not recall…