Could you keep it secret?

A day dream… my thoughts drifting afar… I gaze… mesmerized by the water rippling, the trees swaying, dancing lazily in the warm afternoon…  I thought of my life… seemingly ordinary, yet there is something I feel, something I sense… it shall change me, but can I keep it secret?


God bestows something so great, life altering, glorious and powerful… something which I and only I can have knowledge of… Can I keep it secret? This gift, from God… Some wondrous strength with the capacity to transform… to grow… Can I keep it secret? 


Could you keep a divine secret?  I pondered this thought… transfixed by the possibilities.. living in the moment of a grain of sand falling endlessly through eternity… in this divine secret… could you keep a divine grain of eternity in the palm of your hand? 

Spiritual Evolution…

Evolution… or lack there of?
As for scientific or theoretical evolution…I am not going to go there. This is something of a double edged sword… I have my beliefs as I am sure all my intelligent readers do as well… I shall proceed carefully…

As I wondered into my local coffee shop, half in need of a caffeine fix, half dead from a long week of work, I noticed a woman. Under normal circumstance I would mind my own business and be involved with my thoughts. However, this woman made me cringe.  I am not one to judge and I do not know this woman or why she was the way she was. Blatantly rude and nasty, truly in need of something, I know not what. She was so unkind and obnoxious, it was uncalled for. The staff handled it lovely and she was on her way. As I left I wondered. What could make someone this way, knowingly belittling her fellow man, what could it be? Then I wondered into my mind, starting to dabble upon my library of thoughts and came to the conclusion, evolution… or lack there of…

Simply put, she has not evolved yet… I started to think upon all the times I have wondered how someone can act, do things, or be the way they are. They have not evolved. Evolution is not education or class. Evolution is not money or power. Evolution is simple common knowledge and a subtle understanding of human kind. Evolution is spiritual, but you do not need to be Buddha to relate. Evolution is common sense. Be kind, respect and care for one another. You and I are no better than anyone else. We are composed of  the same substances, we are part of the same life, the same world… we breathe the same air… if you look under a microscope the only difference between us is DNA. Our race and gender may be different, along with our social class and financial situation… what ever the reason… what is the purpose of negativity? 

Sometimes life takes hold… we get focused on the now and before we know it… life is over. What have we learned? What we held onto for all those years. Resentment, hate, jealousy… a desire for something. That something we desire is knowledge. When we die we gain access to Life, we understand and we try again. Our purpose (I believe) is to gain knowledge and evolve. We are born with a clean slate, forgetting what we have learned, we must use our common sense to reveal the secrets of Life. We must evolve, we must consciously try to be open… we are the blank canvas… life is the paint… we are the creator… we hold the brush… gaze upon the landscape and see through your minds eye… welcome it… feel it… live it… 

With each life we get closer… with each thought we get wiser… Think Lots and Live Free 😉

No words…

How can I describe what I feel? How can I explain what is real?

How do I describe the abstract intuition of my mind? How can I put into words the passion?

 I feel an indeational emptiness… an intellectual pain

I feel a theoretical love… an incomprehensible joy

Sometimes I feel grief, other times it is guilt

Sometimes I feel butterflies in my soul, in my heart… they flutter a bizzare deja vous… 

Sometimes I sense a purpose, a glimpse into the Greater Whole… a glimpse at eternity 

Other times… I have no words for the other times… how can I describe what I feel… all these emotions 

When they are combined, all these emotions… there are no words…

Something more

Are we meant for something more?

How do we achieve greatness?

May we ever learn the answer
We may never know

Who is to say our lives do not touch upon something

Our life affecting something greater
Maybe our purpose is to be the pawn

Sacrificed for something other than fame or fortune…

live for another… live for all

We all are meant for greatness

We all achieve our purpose
No life wasted
Nothing wanted

We may never know
Realize the truth

Without one there is none
We are greater together

Grant Serenity

I get so scared
I doubt what is real

I don’t want to see pain and waste
Moments of loss

Until this emptiness leaves me
I try to dismiss the pain

Then all I know returns
From within, without my mind

I believe in fantasy
I see truths that can not be

I reach out from my soul
I see my world as whole

I wish for things that can not be
I am a dreamer

I dream for a beautiful life

I wish for greatness
I wish for strength

I wish for my dreamland

I wish to see the light
I want to read from the book of my life

I want to believe in people again
As a child believes

Ignorance or innocence
This is my dream

The Mist

On the edge of a shadow in the mist…

A  Horizon in the darkness

I gazed upon the mountains

I gazed into the heavens


A dark light emanating through the dark mist

A precipice into the abyss

I glimpsed peace

I heard silence


“there are more stars in the heavens than grains of sand on this Earth…”

who hears the mist

who listens to the sands

who wishes for the unknown

here is the wisdom…

On the edge of a shadow in the mist…