Something more

Are we meant for something more?

How do we achieve greatness?

May we ever learn the answer
We may never know

Who is to say our lives do not touch upon something

Our life affecting something greater
Maybe our purpose is to be the pawn

Sacrificed for something other than fame or fortune…

live for another… live for all

We all are meant for greatness

We all achieve our purpose
No life wasted
Nothing wanted

We may never know
Realize the truth

Without one there is none
We are greater together

9 responses to “Something more

  1. Dear Enreal.
    We all are blogging and question a lot. It would be hard to claim what attracts us the most – we have too many different blogs. There are as the WordPress as the blogspot and lots of other attractive features, but one remains the obvious – the best of bests of our blogs are our responses to one other posts. That’s our feedbacks we are leaving on what we embrace and comprehend. That’s our life that endures until we are writing. I wish you lots of days to question and to guess. My days are coming to the end already. Thus be happy for us both.

    (((Tomas))) You have blessed me repeatedly…. I send my thoughts and prayers to you… may love and light shine upon you for eternity

  2. A noble and wonderful thought although the practice of it may be tough at times.

    (((Evyl))) it is the effort and intention behind it… that is the noblest part

  3. Love the idea of being pawns. Once we manage to take pride in that role and realise that there’s a reason for us being here, even if we may not rule (or understand), that’s when gratitude humility kicks in.

    Great, great post.

    (((spaz))) Thank you fro your insight and knowledge… bless you my friend

  4. Beautiful Enreal… just like your heart.

    We are all circles within circles….

    I also think we are shadows and light..
    constantly changing
    always reflections of one another.

    I always feel your light!

    (((Gypsy))) AS DO I!!! Your words are shining brilliantly in my eyes… I can see your Soul smile! What a beautiful sight

  5. Dear enreal, i like how you explore by asking questions. Together, we reach new meanings……Thank you.

    (((Rainer))) Together questioning forever!!! An eternity of knowledge… what greater purpose could there be? What better destination? I can not think of any… thank you for being a part of my journey

  6. Dear Enreal,
    Thank you for so lovely words on my blog. Your response made my day literally. However, let me reprint my reply to our dear Akash now. My biography is your discovery on a web….It would be really interesting to read what you would pick up from my blogs
    So let start. You master your pen well and your English is much better than mine.
    I am eagerly waiting for your book,
    your grateful reader Tomas

    (((Tomas))) Thank You my friend… that is a great project, for your words are full of brilliance… I shall be around

  7. This is beautiful, m’dear. Sacrifices…Life is just sweet. The invisible thread bonding us all somehow. Strong yet delicate. Unseen, unfelt…till one plucked it, sending calls to the rest…awakening.


    (((glaize))) awakening… that is a beautiful vision… perhaps we shall awaken together in another time… full fo awareness and light… one day, one sweet day

  8. Perhaps we are meant to become God.

    For this to happen we must cease to be individual and become all. Not so much in the sense of being different but more in the sense of seeing differently.

    Thank you for your sincere thoughts.

    (((mossy))) thank you my friend… your light shined brightly on my night… it is your wisdom and knowledge which captured the flame…

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