For as long as I can remember I have loved the infinity symbol. The mathematics, science, philosophy, simplicity and beauty of a symbol. One small equation that can fumble your thoughts.

Endless, limitless, boundless, immeasurable, eternal, unfathomable, beyond. Even the words are infinite.
Philosophically Infinity is like the soul, like the mind. Universally undiscovered or unattainable? The closer we look, the gateway shows a huge landscape of possibilities that are too large for our minds. Too large for our bodies.

Our souls are the closest we get to Infinity. A puzzle for the mind, where does it begin? But wait, what is it? What are we looking for? What are the terms? What are the questions?

Where does it begin? But wait, what is it? What are we looking for? What are the terms? What are the questions???


“To see the world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and create eternity in an hour” -William Blake

“I can’t help it, the idea of infinity tortures me” -Alfred de Musset

She has come

Here I am, vulnerable to the dark
Here I lay, hiding like a shadow in light
Here I cry, like a coward I fight

Is it time, time to let go
It is time, she has come to take me
It is time, she carries me as an infant

Do I have to carry you
Can I live without you
Shall I die without you

Let me die, if all is without you
As dark comes out of light
Nothing comes out of dark

Take apart all that I am
Leave behind the pieces of my heart
Leave me to my shattered art

She has come
It is time
Time to carry on…

All is All

Tired and restless
My Soul and Mind at war
Broken and weary
My thoughts have drifted afar

Entering space and time
Reaching for peace
Catching a dream
That forever will shine

Along these adventures
These endless endeavors
Preceding the tales
No shadows, No veils

As the Mind and Soul escape
For as long as it will take
My spirit will follow
No shame nor no sorrow

Time will shatter
Distance will break
Space will crumble
All is all
All is fate

I can not recall…

I had a dream
I had a vision
I cannot recall

In a flash
It came
In a flash
It went


All was true
All was perfect
All was one

Ultimate knowledge
Unlimited potential
Vast perfection

This feeling is large
This feeling is Life
Hidden behind a mirage
Behind a veil

I cannot recall
In a vision it came
In a flash it went

I try find the words
They are not in our language

It is our souls language
Our souls voice


I can not recall…

Familiar Eternity

I search to find
My souls’ divide

Why did you leave
You left me to grieve

Why did you go
You knew I couldn’t go

Time will tell
A story farewell

Departure awaits
For one special date

When we all will meet
Gather and greet

On the gates of times horizon
We shall wait for a familiar eternity

A Birthday

Would have been 60 years

A day of celebration

Would have been Happy tears

Now you rest in heaven…


I wish you were here

So I could have sang to you

Smiled at you

Now I sit here

Melancholy tears


I will smile at you

Sing to you


A day waited for the sixtieth year

June 14, 1948- December 18, 2006

Mock me if you will….

Miracles happen everyday. Some small, some large, some in the form of Life and others hidden behind grief. People ask questions that giving meaning to the meaningless. Under normal circumstances I would have to say that no question is unimportant. I believe that the purpose of Life is to question all and learn as much as possible. Sometimes people get lost in the physical and forget where they spend their time. So yes, I believe people give meaning to the meaningless. They look for beauty, and yet see nothing. Nothing except society.

There is beauty everywhere…Life is the largest masterpiece. Nothing could ever be replicated with such perfection. The systems, nature, chemistry, physics…mathematics.
There is also beauty created by beauty…art, literature, music…people.

Importance is objective, so is beauty. What I find important someone would consider a waste of time. What I see as beautiful others would mock. Is it not a misunderstanding? Or is it a misinterpretation?
When “important” subjects are left to the “daydreamers”. Some claim that we are taking the “wonder” out of the world. We look for beauty within…like looking for paint on canvas. Mock if you will, one day all that you hold close will be gone and you will be left with what you learned. I do not accept all, but I am willing to listen and attempt to understand.