Grant Serenity

I get so scared
I doubt what is real

I don’t want to see pain and waste
Moments of loss

Until this emptiness leaves me
I try to dismiss the pain

Then all I know returns
From within, without my mind

I believe in fantasy
I see truths that can not be

I reach out from my soul
I see my world as whole

I wish for things that can not be
I am a dreamer

I dream for a beautiful life

I wish for greatness
I wish for strength

I wish for my dreamland

I wish to see the light
I want to read from the book of my life

I want to believe in people again
As a child believes

Ignorance or innocence
This is my dream

8 responses to “Grant Serenity

  1. This is beautiful….and I relate to all of these thoughts and dreams 🙂

    (((Kalliope))) I am not surprised my friend… you have a fire which burns away the darkness… to grant serenity is a gift you posess

  2. What a beautiful dream, Enreal. I feel the same – tis sad at times though – but dream I must and hope I must. I must trust my dream. PLL, CordieB.

    (((Cordie))) For eternity you must…

  3. I get so scared too, Enreal. Sometimes I have trouble knowing what is real. I live in fantasy despite all my attempts not to – trouble is fantasy impersonates reality so often and I can’t tell the difference.

    The emptiness… I think perhaps the answers may lie within it. But I despair at entering that void alone. Always alone… they say we are never alone – that is a fantasy – but it is one that, for me, masquerades as reality all the time.

    (((Zenuria))) I have felt this many a time… it is my fantasy world which pulls me through my mundane existence… it is my desires and dreams which keep me alive, they give me hope… I hope this gives you hope…

  4. What if our dreams become our reality Enreal? What if they are our book of life…unbeknownst to us?

    Could it be that ’tis the pain and suffering that gives birth to the light?

    We feel your light dearest, and it beautiful and bright….and filled with the energy of LOVE.

    …and LOVE IS THE WAY!

    (((Gypsy))) I believe in what you say… it is these thoughts which give me the will… thank you gypsy… you are a beautiful light in my life… a glorious sunset blending the day into night, a mysterious and haunting twilight… your beautiful… thank you for sharing yourself so openly and honestly… you touch my soul…

  5. That last bit really touched me, Enreal: Ignorance or Innocence.

    You know, I often have to remind myself that living from a place of innocence means I must be as willing to offer another a new chance, as I am willing to offer it to myself.

    And since I like to see each new day as a new beginning – how can I not extend that same clean slate to another?

    (((grace))) if any one could… it would be you… beautiful thoughts and words as always, thank you

  6. “Ignorance or innocence
    This is my dream”

    Enreal, I love this part. I have lived the short years of my life in between these two. Everything mentioned here touched me. I can relate myself to your words here. I see myself standing before me as I read your words :] I am a dreamer too.

    Thank you for reminding me. Hope has never left me as I see now.

    (((glaize))) I can see your soul smile… thank you… from the bottom of my heart…

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