All is All

Tired and restless
My Soul and Mind at war
Broken and weary
My thoughts have drifted afar

Entering space and time
Reaching for peace
Catching a dream
That forever will shine

Along these adventures
These endless endeavors
Preceding the tales
No shadows, No veils

As the Mind and Soul escape
For as long as it will take
My spirit will follow
No shame nor no sorrow

Time will shatter
Distance will break
Space will crumble
All is all
All is fate

I can not recall…

I had a dream
I had a vision
I cannot recall

In a flash
It came
In a flash
It went


All was true
All was perfect
All was one

Ultimate knowledge
Unlimited potential
Vast perfection

This feeling is large
This feeling is Life
Hidden behind a mirage
Behind a veil

I cannot recall
In a vision it came
In a flash it went

I try find the words
They are not in our language

It is our souls language
Our souls voice


I can not recall…