No words…

How can I describe what I feel? How can I explain what is real?

How do I describe the abstract intuition of my mind? How can I put into words the passion?

 I feel an indeational emptiness… an intellectual pain

I feel a theoretical love… an incomprehensible joy

Sometimes I feel grief, other times it is guilt

Sometimes I feel butterflies in my soul, in my heart… they flutter a bizzare deja vous… 

Sometimes I sense a purpose, a glimpse into the Greater Whole… a glimpse at eternity 

Other times… I have no words for the other times… how can I describe what I feel… all these emotions 

When they are combined, all these emotions… there are no words…

6 responses to “No words…

  1. Sometimes I think that when the heart speaks it does not matter what is said, the meaning always comes through.

    (((mossy))) Indeed it does… somewhere within we all know this truth…

  2. No words to define them yet the beauty they hold, the feeling they radiate remains and shines through to those who listen to the hushed words :]

    (((glaize))) I here you speaking them in a hushed voice… indeed they sing a sweet melody

  3. thank you dear Enreal.
    Your hearty words helped me to sense the emptiness of my heart and thus awakened the emotions again. You are the magical gardener – while reading your poetry, I became fed and feel the need to say something beautiful. Wow, your words nurture the forthcoming bloom. Thank you.

    (((Tomas))) You are too generous with your words, thank you for sharing your thoughts and light here…

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