The Mist

On the edge of a shadow in the mist…

A  Horizon in the darkness

I gazed upon the mountains

I gazed into the heavens


A dark light emanating through the dark mist

A precipice into the abyss

I glimpsed peace

I heard silence


“there are more stars in the heavens than grains of sand on this Earth…”

who hears the mist

who listens to the sands

who wishes for the unknown

here is the wisdom…

On the edge of a shadow in the mist…

5 responses to “The Mist

  1. The Mist in its wavering touch, ever bringing new air. I have often wonder, should the Mist clears away…one day…what lies beyond? The fickle of Light which seemed far away in the wavering Mist, what will it turn out to be?

    As of now, I see the Realization of Life…

    (((glaize))) it will turn into what ever you desire, tis true the realization of life

  2. Dear enreal. There is a great scenery in your poem, the mountains, the mist …the precipice. It touches me..

    (((rainer))) always great to hear from you, your words touch me

  3. On the edge of a shadow in the mist… How poetically true, your imagery and symbolic words floor me each time with their beauty!

    (((Sanity))) your words are too great for me… I am humbled by your knowledge

  4. What a wonderful description of the location of the wisdoms –
    here is the wisdom…
    On the edge of a shadow in the mist…

    Wow, step out of the shadow reveals the entrance into the wisdom. Your blog inhabits the realm of the wisdom – you steped out of the ignorance and pick up all your readers from nowhere into the revival by the word of your wisdom
    Thank you.

    (((tomas))) I know not what to say, a simple Thank You for your great words would not suffice… perhaps, You are in my heart.

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