Where are we going?

Somewhere in our subconscious we all know where we are going. We understand life and know what we are doing, it is not as mysterious as it seems. We are one and are on the same path of life. You read my words and I try to read your thoughts. Do my words have meaning? Am I reaching your mind… perhaps your soul? I am trying to reach your path, because ultimately you stumbled across mine.

I will look back and say thank you to all the people that crossed my path, because they are the reason for my choices, and my life. Think of yours, the roadblocks, those difficult decisions that you thought you couldn’t get through. The nightmarish situations, the horrid circumstances. Wanting to give up, throw it all away, and yet you held on…
This is why you are where you are. This is why you are who you are.

I picture things and am clear in my vision. We will learn the truth one day. The picture will fall into focus. The clarity felt seldom will overtake the doubt.
Who knows, except the force that is guiding us. That presence that is with us.

When I wake in the morning, exhausted and ready to fall apart, that presence makes me go and keeps building.
We all have that force, some ignore it and stop, because they are scared. I am not scared however, I KNOW THAT I WILL WIN. I know because if this is a situation of win or be conquered by circumstance, the answer is simple, I have to win. And so then, so do you, you and I. We are one. We are on the same journey.


May the storm pass and the path clear… the sun shines bright in the distance… can you see?