Could you keep it secret?

A day dream… my thoughts drifting afar… I gaze… mesmerized by the water rippling, the trees swaying, dancing lazily in the warm afternoon…  I thought of my life… seemingly ordinary, yet there is something I feel, something I sense… it shall change me, but can I keep it secret?


God bestows something so great, life altering, glorious and powerful… something which I and only I can have knowledge of… Can I keep it secret? This gift, from God… Some wondrous strength with the capacity to transform… to grow… Can I keep it secret? 


Could you keep a divine secret?  I pondered this thought… transfixed by the possibilities.. living in the moment of a grain of sand falling endlessly through eternity… in this divine secret… could you keep a divine grain of eternity in the palm of your hand? 

14 responses to “Could you keep it secret?

  1. What value would it have if i kept it a secret?
    What could I do with it if i shared?

    (((Sorrow))) I envisioned a great adventure… an answer to my questions… a knowledge, a wisdom… Just a secret… one which would remain with you for eternity… a secret, a gift… Shared… it could be a blessing, and yet… for reasons unclear… it must remain a secret…

  2. For me it’s about trying to perceive and do God’s will. So if I felt that God wanted me to keep something secret, then yes, I could and would. But there also comes a time when we have to “come out” and start being what we’re supposed to be. And no, I’m not talking about sexual preference… although I guess this is important for some…

    As for spiritual “coming out,” this is usually done with great discretion. Jesus warned his disciples not to cast their pearls before swine…

    (((Michael))) You speak very wise words my friend… it is in these words we find the answer most search for eternity to find… thank you for shining your light and thoughts…

  3. I would not want to be told the secret if I could not share it, but I might keep it private even so. There is no divine secret that belongs exclusively to any one of us, but any particular message may be meaningful only to some of us.

    (((Michael))) Great Insight!!! Love the message here!

  4. mossy , such a secretiveness is indicative of dark deeds .
    very unspiritual . Is enreal in need of such secrecy ? Reasons ?
    Does it not contradict all these writings , making them faceless ?

    Spirituality demands transparency .


    (((akash))) powerful words… powerful intention and meaning… they radiate a powerful wisdom…

  5. Akash,

    This expression means to not tell the lower self what the higher self knows. (or at least do not allow it to speak about it )

    The lower self can not know certain things and can only succeed in transforming understanding down to the level of knowledge (or worse). Because of this wisdom is often transmitted in fairy tales, poems, and symbols which the lower self dismisses as intended non-sense.

    (((mossy))) another lesson learned through abstract conversation… great message here…

  6. What a beautiful post this is. Can I keep a divine secret? Some messages from the divine are meant to be kept only unto your heart while others are meant to be shared.

    (((Goldenferi))) you captured the essence perfectly… thank you

  7. This is really beautiful, Enreal 🙂 Take care, with much love from me 🙂

    (((glaize))) I feel your love, it is beautiful… thank you for making me smile

  8. This is very beautiful; as always, Enreal – your words leave me with many thoughts to ponder. I’ll have to ponder this one a bit more – Very thought provoking. Thanks for sharing. Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

    (((Cordie))) As are you beautiful my writings are a reflection of what I know and feel… thank you for making me feel

  9. Dear enreal,

    sometimes we keep secrets because we need a private space. It is ok to have a private space even if I share it with god. Blessings rainer

    (((Rainer))) That’s it!!! That’s the message! Thank You

  10. Hmmm….is this a divine secret?

    If so…my humble thoughts are:
    when you are to share it…your heart will know.
    When the listeners are ready to receive it….their hearts will know.

    Then again, could it be the secrets are already within each of us…until our awakening?
    This is what I ponder on, in my continued dream state…

    You always make us think Enreal, and your light shines!

    (((Gypsy))) I sit here nodding my head with a smile 🙂 In our continued dream state… thank you for shining your light and sharing your energy… it means a great deal!

  11. We all have secrets don’t we? Our relationships to ourselves and each other have secrets hidden in them all. Why would it be different for God?

    Besides, each has their own perception and perspective… if the secret was told, it may or may not be truth to anyone but the teller… right?

    (((Amber))) Very powerful thoughts… they hold an old wisdom… an old philosophy… thank you for making us ponder this… thank you

  12. If the secret is a “Devine” secret he will make sure its kept a secret till he no longer wishes for it to be kep a secret.

    One thing we all keep hidden is our connection to the devine. Who but God knows haw far or close we are to Him?

    ~majnun~ Great Thoughts!!! I humbly agree with this line of reasoning… for all is as it is meant to be… blessings to you for enriching this piece

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