7 responses to “Hurt

  1. Do you know that this song was originally written by Nine Inch Nails Trent Reznor, and when Johnny covered it, he was not amused, until he heard and saw this video, and then said that this really was Johnny’s song.
    I have loved this tune for years..
    Thanks, it resonates deep inside me.

    (((Sorrow))) I did know… this song floored me… the words, the voice… it resonates with me as well… and will always

  2. Nice song… after Hank Williams Sr. and Willy Nelson, I guess Johnny Cash is one of my fav’s in that genre. Check out the studio version of “I Walk the Line” in case you haven’t…

    (((Michael))) I will most definitely check it out, thank you…

  3. Wow. How powerful! In the end we lose everthing – hopefully we will keep our spirit; If we are blessed we will have left this world better than it was when we came – we will have sown more seeds of love and building than of destruction and hate. Thanks so very much for sharing – tis a very humbling and beautiful song – I thought of the beautiful love of june and johnny – and know their life was worth all the ups and downs–these are the questions I often ponder – any who – – . Peace, Light and Love, CordieB. . . .

    (((cordie))) Thank you for your beautiful thoughts…

  4. Long time no see, Enreal. Sorry.

    What is mind boggling with your site is that every time I come here, you’re just this little step ahead of where I just am. Or maybe we are in the same spot.

    Just wrote about listening to our elders to not make the same mistakes. Will post tonight.

    This song fits perfectly.


    (((Spaz))) we are always in the same spot… we all reflect what we need… what we see… Our Soul is a mirror to the mirage… thank you for your thoughts

  5. He had such a haunting voice. And a way of styling any song to his talent.

    (((Evyl))) Indeed… that is a great way of describing him… thank you for your thoughts

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