The journey I foresee is a mission with destiny, take my mind to where it can see, take my soul who yearns to be free… But love, where is love intertwined with this? Perhaps it is the yearning of that sacred bliss. One with the hidden power of the soul. Fortified twice by the angels… left alone in sorrow.


Harken the sound of awakening and hear it vibrate with song. Listen with the fibers of being, which you have felt all along. This sound is breath… it can be tasted and seen. This sound is freedom… lingering… serene. Now show me this journey and let me know what it means…


For I can hear it, taste it, recognize its scent… embrace it, yet I can tell you not what it meant. Not now, nor yesterday… perhaps tomorrow in the moments… I feel it shall surprise… as if seeing is believing beneath the shadows of disguise… hidden even in plain sight, widened is the gaze I take on a seemingly endless flight.

A dream

This journey of the senses with destiny and angels and love invested, is what? Another day, another vision, another lesson, guidance, protection? But as if written for me, this journey perhaps still remains to be seen. Maybe it is and always will be… a place within my dreams. A place I always shall see… my haven, my destiny



For wordsweneversaid:

Dear M.L. Thank you for the inspiration… hope this suits your taste… think I may have missed the mark

A *journey
with a hint of *despair
a splash of *awakening
the main ingredient is *surprise
*Unexpected * solace


I simply don’t know

Am I the person I thought I would be ?
Am I the person I wanted to be?
Do I practice what I preach?
Am I a prisoner to what my mind would have me believe?

When will I change?
When will I grow?

When will I reap,

All which I sow?

I simply don’t know.


I sat here thinking about my day. It was an ordinary day. Work. Family. Coworkers. Friends. Avoidance. Musings. Thoughts. Trials. Dreams. Petty petty things… I have changed… not in the way I foresaw. I have become as bitter as the cold which surrounds me… I shall elaborate. But now I simply don’t want to. I grieve for the me I lost, the one who gave up… i simply don’t know where she went… perhaps it was denial… I will find her and ask for her forgiveness… then I shall elaborate. Until then…


I simply don’t know


Pondering the meaning of simply being

Just breathing

And suddenly believing

In Something



Then a word breaks my silence




A word that implies complacency


A word that begs understanding


A word that I can say to you in a moment

For a moment



Then a thought intrudes my rant


Now you see

What you have made of me

with my words I constantly sew

A picture I so vaguely know



you know so

in your bones


all and one



and this could be the end

it could be…


With my words I see all that I feel

My chest aches

The cavity which bears

all the invisible tears


What say you next

whether in words or thought

Bring not emotions


For my mind can fail not

What my soul has left to thought





I need to write

I need to feel

I need to embrace all which I have shunned

I am sorry

I shall write

Hidden words



Your hand

My heart

I am alone



I hope you see

Come together


Open paths

Right away

Faded away

Gave up




I hope you see

One day












Words woven together with no apparent meaning

That have all the meaning in the world

Finding the words we want to say

when we carry on

Don’t forget

What it is you mean to say

before Time is gone


I’m on the edge

waiting for my heart to break

No one knows

How much my soul can take

The Veil

Come in through the veil
Through the curtain of despair
Open the window to the world
Breathe the beauty in the air

Stop hiding behind a mirror
Show yourself to me
Cowardice does not suffice
You are me and I am Life

I confront thee
For you shadow me
I oppose thee
For you are less than me

Of whom do I speak?
Of the one whom makes us weak
Filling our minds with fallacy
Diluting our hopes and fantasies

The Villain
Is here
Hiding behind
Waiting for the moment
Until you find…

He is you
And you are me
Lest for you and I
Can open our minds
See our hopes
And remember our dreams

Hiding is our soul

Our mind was left to know

That only now does it show
That only now will it grow
For we killed the doubt
Lifted the veil and broke it out

Freed the soul
Left our spirit whole
The veil is lifted
We are gifted

Gift is knowledge
Knowledge is power
Power is free
Freedom is key…

Hope and Destiny

Dear Hope and Destiny,

Waiting, as I have been. Watching, as I have been also… I sit and ponder you tonight,  as I have many times over the years… it seems as if you are simply hidden from me. Is it my lot to live the same days over and over? Feel the same emotions. Envision the same dream year after year… it seems it may be that my destiny may simply be to live… and by live I mean exist. It would also seem negative or narrow… but it is my truth.

I remember when I was younger… I had hope… hope and destiny… a dream that there was something great on the horizon… one of my dreams… I remember when I was younger, do you? Perhaps one day you will…

Lately my nights have been dreamless as have been my days. I can’t write. I haven’t had the nightly inspirations which engulf me in my sleep, for sleep too has eluded me. Uninspired… I suppose.


Anyway, I stray…


It would seem my destiny and hope are on holiday… I wish you well.


Writing from where I am alive,


The truth within the mirror

I stand before you now…

I am here to greet you…

for as long as this eternity is…

I have failed to meet you

You look old

You seem wise

your gaze is distant

Can you meet my eyes?

We stare at the reflections, blinded by the truth in our eyes… the mirrored walls capture the pairs, the countless futures hidden behind so many eternal tears… Oh mirror, oh mother, oh sister, oh lover… where have you taken my sight, my future, my plight… when will it all seem right?

Where does thy gaze travel?

So far art thou eyes

Where does thy truth wander?

Over countless horizons, over infinite skies…

So I beseech thee to answer… can you meet my eyes… can you look into our future and see where it lies… for this is me as well as thee…  for this sight is mine by any given rite… who are you to hold my life? Who are you, if not me by sight?





“I am that I am… I know for what you ask… but do you ponder the meanings of the answers? The burden is mine to bear, so perhaps it is this we share… for you seek not fortune, nor fame… you seek not pleasure, yet perhaps you seek pain… you myself are me through and through… do you think I would keep these things from you? Think before you speak… think before you seek… there is a reason I am old… you may not be willing to carry such a burden when one is given to you… so for now live and learn… for this is your part in me… this is our journey… remember to think before you seek…”

“The older I get, the more questions gather from my minds… “



She smiles… This is who she is… The reflection smiles back…