Hope and Destiny

Dear Hope and Destiny,

Waiting, as I have been. Watching, as I have been also… I sit and ponder you tonight,  as I have many times over the years… it seems as if you are simply hidden from me. Is it my lot to live the same days over and over? Feel the same emotions. Envision the same dream year after year… it seems it may be that my destiny may simply be to live… and by live I mean exist. It would also seem negative or narrow… but it is my truth.

I remember when I was younger… I had hope… hope and destiny… a dream that there was something great on the horizon… one of my dreams… I remember when I was younger, do you? Perhaps one day you will…

Lately my nights have been dreamless as have been my days. I can’t write. I haven’t had the nightly inspirations which engulf me in my sleep, for sleep too has eluded me. Uninspired… I suppose.


Anyway, I stray…


It would seem my destiny and hope are on holiday… I wish you well.


Writing from where I am alive,