Making my peace (via Words we never said…)


Making my peace

Sometimes – making peace
means having the courage to
acknowledge conflict.

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via Words we never said…

Your thoughts echo my own… find peace? I don’t think everyone is meant to. Happiness… that either…

Short story…

I find comfort in sadness, many do… it became my companion. A constant familiar on my shoulder… always with me as a friend…

there came a time when things got shaken up in my world, as it tends to happen with time and seasons. things began to change, patience wore thin and then I had enough,

Only my sense of enough happened with me giving up, turning my back on dreams and forgetting my purpose, if I every truly knew what that was…

I literally gave up on it all… and the worst part of it was, my familiar changed also… it changed and became a hole, in my chest and the ache is hollow… it takes sadness and captures it… it brings it in… tears fear of flowing for they know what awaits within, so they left also…

A sad little thing that can’t even cry or be sad. I wonder…

Making peace? I think you will reach it first… so I leave with you the same request…

( I felt this was the answer… I didn’t want to burden your pages with my dark words ) Thank you M.L for this window…

Sometimes – making peace means having the courage to acknowledge conflict. … Read More

via Words we never said…

forever by the light of the moon



on the icy waters

the  pale outline of two souls


you can see the connection

it bleeds into the night

tendrils weaving through the darkness





between time




the shadows of mind

the veils of truth


Two souls

the outline of phantom limbs reaching for one another

Over the frozen waters

in the brightness of the light

of the moon



they reach

they stare

between time



the shadows of mind

the windows of acceptance



The moon leaves the souls

Darkness descends

They grow dim

Once more

Forever reaching with phantom limbs


This scene

this tale

the souls

until the end of time

they reflect over the glimmering waters of the night


at times frozen

at times alive

always waiting

behind the veil of this life


Help Japan

Japan Earth Quake 2011


Most everyone knows the impact of Fridays devastating earthquake which spawned a massive tsunami leaving hundreds of thousands either displaced, missing or dead. Economic Impact. Nuclear Crisis. Displaced. Broken…It breaks my heart to know that so many lives are forever scarred. I pray for the people of Japan and know that millions will join in the effort to help the people of this ravaged country.

I normally do not emphasize the need of charity and donation… yet as I sit here, warm, with food and comfort I feel guilty. I read about only a fraction of the imminent grief and I know that once all is said and done it will only be the beginning of Japans long recovery. So give. Even if only a small donation. Give.


7 Simple ways to help

Red Cross

Japanese Red Cross

Google Crisis Response (There you can choose where to donate.)

Doctors Without Borders


And if you can’t… pray and  keep the people in your heart. Be mindful and give thanks for your life and your way of life.

Air of being

Do you believe
In what seems to be

The love felt for your souls
The pain felt for yours lost

How tomorrow can come after today
How a day can span forever
A moment may exist ever or never

Do you believe

In what seems to be

Your souls completion left aside
Your souls reason passed on by

Your souls adrift
You lost your mind
Your place is missed

Perhaps left behind


Do you believe

In what seems to be


To lose a piece of your soul
Time often takes its toll
Its seems unfair that all must wait
For the time we contemplate

If we were born too late

If we have missed the date
Why do we have to wait
For our destined fate

To reveal the truth

To our soul

To see the meaning

In our mind

To believe in what seems to be

For ever

Or perhaps

just this time







~wordsweneversaidthank you