Light and Time

I forgot the time
I forgot the present

I have no memories

Only thoughts


I worry of the future
I worry of the past
Troubles upon troubles

Forever are cast


Gone now are seconds and minutes
Hours and days

Years hold fears
Time holds tears


Tired and regretful
Panicked and fretful

Life is gone and left us in shadow
Yearning for now
Not for tomorrow


Turn around and around
A clocks hand and bell sound
Dizzy and loud
Time holds wickedly proud


Time is home to many a prison
Light once forced to comply
Since it has broken through,
Light is fugitive and eternally new


Light has gone to the end
Time has found no new friend

They will meet again
At a point where they are one

Looking from shadow to sun

All is one at the beginning
Centered they see
One in one will they be



Endlessly Free


Happy New Year

Be The Light

~ Enreal


Our Walk


If I choose to stay,

Would you wait

Would you walk with me?


If I don’t

Would you go

Would you meet me some day


Would you remember

Or will I forget

As hours turn to days

Days turn to Months

And months to years


If I forget

Will you remind me?

Shall we set a date?

Perhaps an open invitation…

Perhaps you shall take me home…

So I shall not worry

I shall not forget

No set time

We shall know

We shall have our walk…

One day,

I shall not worry




is the number of days until the anniversary


is the number of breaths I have taken through the year since

One. the day you shined down on me from above… that cold day… I know you remember

Two. the day you woke me from deep within my dreams… I had forgotten your voice

Three. the day a new life came into this world… a beautiful soul with our eyes

Four. the same day I knew you would not see new life come from me…


is the number of years you will be gone in four days. I will sit and ponder five and six and seven and I know there will be more breaths. For now they are still labored.


Silviu George Klein

June 14, 1948 – December 18, 2006



As I walk in the cold night the snow gently passes my sight. It falls. I breathe in. Exhale out. The visibility of my air carries my gaze just past the darkness. I watch it disappear with all illusion.


I follow my step easily. I catch my thoughts dancing. There. A hint of magic. The stars visible as the snow. Dark and moonless is the night. There a hint of remembrance.


The wind whispers its cold voice. Cold and ignored. Ignored and misunderstood.



It whispers…


It calls…

Here is the magic I yearn for. yet palpable it is not. I wish to hold it in my hand. I wish to smell its sweet reality. Taste its magnificence. This is not it.

Oh but it is… you can not hold it… you can not smell nor taste it… but you can feel it

With that it ended. Within that moment of awareness. The moment the vapor mingled with the darkness of the night. That… and the blink of an eye. Reality changes into illusion once again.


Sweet darkness hold your magic close. For I shall return for it on another glimpse. I can feel it. ~enreal


The words linger in the dense air. Sound suspended as mist on a mild winter morn. Hovering waiting to be heard.

Shall I listen when I see them, what purpose if I can pick and choose them for my own. Take them all in. I don’t need them to wander nor torment my mind… I know them there.

The roads remain traveled. Day to night. The path taken and retaken. Yet one remains alone. Alone with words. Solitary.

Abandoned for a time. Reclaimed it shall become. I promise.

If not for my tales and dreams I would continue blind. I know what needs to be said and I know what needs to be heard. I know what needs to be done. Am I ready?