The truth within the mirror

I stand before you now…

I am here to greet you…

for as long as this eternity is…

I have failed to meet you

You look old

You seem wise

your gaze is distant

Can you meet my eyes?

We stare at the reflections, blinded by the truth in our eyes… the mirrored walls capture the pairs, the countless futures hidden behind so many eternal tears… Oh mirror, oh mother, oh sister, oh lover… where have you taken my sight, my future, my plight… when will it all seem right?

Where does thy gaze travel?

So far art thou eyes

Where does thy truth wander?

Over countless horizons, over infinite skies…

So I beseech thee to answer… can you meet my eyes… can you look into our future and see where it lies… for this is me as well as thee…  for this sight is mine by any given rite… who are you to hold my life? Who are you, if not me by sight?





“I am that I am… I know for what you ask… but do you ponder the meanings of the answers? The burden is mine to bear, so perhaps it is this we share… for you seek not fortune, nor fame… you seek not pleasure, yet perhaps you seek pain… you myself are me through and through… do you think I would keep these things from you? Think before you speak… think before you seek… there is a reason I am old… you may not be willing to carry such a burden when one is given to you… so for now live and learn… for this is your part in me… this is our journey… remember to think before you seek…”

“The older I get, the more questions gather from my minds… “



She smiles… This is who she is… The reflection smiles back…