Pondering the meaning of simply being

Just breathing

And suddenly believing

In Something



Then a word breaks my silence




A word that implies complacency


A word that begs understanding


A word that I can say to you in a moment

For a moment



Then a thought intrudes my rant


Now you see

What you have made of me

with my words I constantly sew

A picture I so vaguely know



you know so

in your bones


all and one



and this could be the end

it could be…


With my words I see all that I feel

My chest aches

The cavity which bears

all the invisible tears


What say you next

whether in words or thought

Bring not emotions


For my mind can fail not

What my soul has left to thought





I need to write

I need to feel

I need to embrace all which I have shunned

I am sorry

I shall write

6 responses to “Invisible

  1. Hello Enreal,

    Nice post.

    Everything is the opposite of how it seems.

    It is the thoughts themselves that are not content. The soul is content.

    Many of the things we desire are kept away from us by desire itself.

  2. this was bold, powerful. evokes feelings we frequently don’t want to feel… or can’t… or won’t. same difference. and, lastly, it makes me feel for you.. and want to cast some hope and light, a smile, even if it’s JUST for a moment – your way.

    Thanks, as always, for sharing – and take care…

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