The Veil

Come in through the veil
Through the curtain of despair
Open the window to the world
Breathe the beauty in the air

Stop hiding behind a mirror
Show yourself to me
Cowardice does not suffice
You are me and I am Life

I confront thee
For you shadow me
I oppose thee
For you are less than me

Of whom do I speak?
Of the one whom makes us weak
Filling our minds with fallacy
Diluting our hopes and fantasies

The Villain
Is here
Hiding behind
Waiting for the moment
Until you find…

He is you
And you are me
Lest for you and I
Can open our minds
See our hopes
And remember our dreams

Hiding is our soul

Our mind was left to know

That only now does it show
That only now will it grow
For we killed the doubt
Lifted the veil and broke it out

Freed the soul
Left our spirit whole
The veil is lifted
We are gifted

Gift is knowledge
Knowledge is power
Power is free
Freedom is key…