Maybe next time I’ll dance

Live with no limitations

Be free from my demands

Maybe next time I’ll smile

Dance with my emotions

Be free from the shadows of the sad

Maybe next time I’ll try

to simply be

For a short while


Maybe next time in another place

At another point of life

Another juncture

Something new

I was daydreaming for a short while. Living in the moment, living in my dream. I was important, I was beautiful, I was full of joy, I was free from hope. For hope had succeeded, in my daydream. I was free from my fears. For a short while I was happy in my mind.

The scene finally focused and there I was… here I was… living in my reality. I thought… next life I will live… this is simply practice… seeing all I could be doing in my next life…

Then I realized

I gave up.

I give up.

Am I really ready to give up on my dreams? Am I really ready to settle? Am I really ready to wait for the next time? Am I?

All I can say is maybe I am. I am tired. I am disappointed. I had my dreams, now all I have is reality setting in. The reality that I see… is not the beautiful visions of my dreams.

Once upon a time… there lived a girl, she was special, beautiful, important… This girl was full of joy and free from fear.

One day she fell asleep and awoke in a new world… it was very strange and alien to anything she had ever seen before… it was when she gazed at her reflection did she see she was real… the scene was real… it was as true as her mind let her believe… when she tried to fall asleep to return home… she realised there was no going back, she realised the dream had been truly a dream, and this new reality was her future…

to be asleep, to be awake, to believe in what we need to see… is this what it means to be real? Or maybe we see what we need to believe…


In another life

Maybe next time I will live

Open your eyes

The voice came suddenly. As clear as the sound of water trickling and echoing through the cavern. Yet the cavern was me, my hollowed self, my shell. There came a series of vibrations and then there. There I was. Alone in my cavern, my hollowed self… my shell.

“The questions and requests, the magnitude of self pity and knowledge, the selfishness and always yearning for more. More. Why is it always more… and never enough.”

And there it was. The truth within the avalanche of words…

And there it was. The straw. Laid gently on the fragile pile. The whole of the silence shattered.

“what is it you want for me? what is it you need?”

“close your eyes so you can see,”

“i have only one way of making you understand, close your eyes and come with me”

The illumination was instant, my closed eyes faded… I was free. I turned to see my companion, the truth, the reality.

It was a sad dull light. I knew it was tired, yet it was still bright. This was me. I fell to my knees.

“there is only so much I can do for you, only so much I can give.”

“I can only wonder if this is a mistake, to show you yourSelf”,

The light burned on dull yet bright.

“I can only hope you see this as it was meant to be”

You have Life




Light and Dark

“You were given breath, sight, passion and pain… what more can you feel?

You were granted pride, ego, fear and judgement… what more can you overcome?

You were given hunger and thirst in more ways than one… what can be more than to be fulfilled…

Why always more, and yet it is never enough…”

the light shimmered and became more dull. It seemed to settle on a stream of consciousness and waited…

“Why am I not enough, you ask why are you not good enough… can’t you see that you truly are?

Open your eyes


Are we meant for something extraordinary? I believe each and everyone of us is. Existence is extraordinary. It is a powerful miracle we encounter each and everyday.

We are all connected by Life and in turn every life is important. None is less than or greater than the other. It is a lesson we must all learn at some point in our existence…

We need each other to survive
We need each other to grow
We live in a world that is smaller than ever before

To believe that we don’t make a difference is thinking too large
Look closer

As close as your family
As close as your love

What ever the person or cause
We affect those who we love
Our energies are extreme
Our visions intense
Our impacts huge

Not for fortune
Not for fame
Not for power
Not for money
Not for anything

The effect is truth
We matter
We belong to each other
Accomplish the extraordinary
Be one
And accept responsibility for the One


There comes a point in Life when we all wonder, even question our purpose. It is the great mystery behind the facade our Soul can only see through…

It is almost like a never ending labyrinth. We start with great intention… entering the Labyrinth… the maze of life… We enter yet are never told… we walk blindly into Life not realizing there is a purpose… when we finally see we are in too deep and feel we must back track to find the meaning… this is where we get lost… for there are many mirages… many false hopes… yet it is a journey we must travel… for what of a journey if there are no memories… why even take the trip… why live… if there is nothing to live for?

It is true we live and get lost in the labyrinth of life… In the end we find the path was there all along. Too engulfed in trying to uncover a great secret, too busy to look beyond ourselves…we missed the path and became engulfed in the maze. There is one secret however… normally it takes a lifetime to uncover… There is no wrong way… so in turn there is no maze… only illusions which make it seem more difficult than it truly is…

We have found our way… our eyes open and ready for the adventure… for we must go back to see what we missed. Our burdens which were carried for so long have been deposited in the maze… we must face them and learn from them… Our lessons which were learned from so many others are left wandering the web we spun… we must find them and let them free…

Our mission is to solve the puzzle… mission complete… for now… for this moment… the soul is strong… yet the mind forgets… each morning we awake to find we face a new day… this day a new maze… yet there is something within… we simply have forgotten…

Just remember… we find the answers and learn and know… yet to live the learned life is to live alone… to break the boundaries of life and retreat from the labyrinth is a noble feat … yet to live within is a more heroic… for the mind and soul are connected yet not… this time we journey together and learn from the maze… for what is life if there is nothing else to learn…

Let us find our way in the maze… journey on…

Her Name

In silence she waits. calmly she states,

“I am dying…”

“I do not know how long I have left.”

Her smile is late, my reply I contemplate.

Confused and in shame, I can not say her name.

Her eyes are clear, they show no fear.

They search my mind, in distance and time.

She bows her head and whispers softly with sadness,

“I speak not of death… I only seek light. I speak not of now, I only seek night”

Riddled with muddled emotions my words seemingly attack,

“Speak clear and right! Explain to me your sight!”

In reply,
as a silent sigh…
She falls to her knees and begins to cry,

“I see a life I have not lived”

“I see a world that does not give”

“I dream of gardens and beauty beyond”

“I dream of a love that may never be found”

“I have waited so long, 
I have been patient and strong”

“Finally I break, 
these walls I forsake”

Then silence

I heard her.

She is right,

As clear as the moon is tonight.

I can not say her name

She is I and I the same

I understand her pain

I am in a sense her very shame

She is not dying a different death

She is not breathing a different breath

She is only helpless to change

that which remains forever the same

She knows I know.

With this she lifts her head, she begins to rise… focus arrives upon her eyes.

“you know very little of forever.”,

she smiles as she begins to fade.

another victory