Her Name

In silence she waits. calmly she states,

“I am dying…”

“I do not know how long I have left.”

Her smile is late, my reply I contemplate.

Confused and in shame, I can not say her name.

Her eyes are clear, they show no fear.

They search my mind, in distance and time.

She bows her head and whispers softly with sadness,

“I speak not of death… I only seek light. I speak not of now, I only seek night”

Riddled with muddled emotions my words seemingly attack,

“Speak clear and right! Explain to me your sight!”

In reply,
as a silent sigh…
She falls to her knees and begins to cry,

“I see a life I have not lived”

“I see a world that does not give”

“I dream of gardens and beauty beyond”

“I dream of a love that may never be found”

“I have waited so long, 
I have been patient and strong”

“Finally I break, 
these walls I forsake”

Then silence

I heard her.

She is right,

As clear as the moon is tonight.

I can not say her name

She is I and I the same

I understand her pain

I am in a sense her very shame

She is not dying a different death

She is not breathing a different breath

She is only helpless to change

that which remains forever the same

She knows I know.

With this she lifts her head, she begins to rise… focus arrives upon her eyes.

“you know very little of forever.”,

she smiles as she begins to fade.

another victory