Maybe next time I’ll dance

Live with no limitations

Be free from my demands

Maybe next time I’ll smile

Dance with my emotions

Be free from the shadows of the sad

Maybe next time I’ll try

to simply be

For a short while


Maybe next time in another place

At another point of life

Another juncture

Something new

I was daydreaming for a short while. Living in the moment, living in my dream. I was important, I was beautiful, I was full of joy, I was free from hope. For hope had succeeded, in my daydream. I was free from my fears. For a short while I was happy in my mind.

The scene finally focused and there I was… here I was… living in my reality. I thought… next life I will live… this is simply practice… seeing all I could be doing in my next life…

Then I realized

I gave up.

I give up.

Am I really ready to give up on my dreams? Am I really ready to settle? Am I really ready to wait for the next time? Am I?

All I can say is maybe I am. I am tired. I am disappointed. I had my dreams, now all I have is reality setting in. The reality that I see… is not the beautiful visions of my dreams.

Once upon a time… there lived a girl, she was special, beautiful, important… This girl was full of joy and free from fear.

One day she fell asleep and awoke in a new world… it was very strange and alien to anything she had ever seen before… it was when she gazed at her reflection did she see she was real… the scene was real… it was as true as her mind let her believe… when she tried to fall asleep to return home… she realised there was no going back, she realised the dream had been truly a dream, and this new reality was her future…

to be asleep, to be awake, to believe in what we need to see… is this what it means to be real? Or maybe we see what we need to believe…


In another life

Maybe next time I will live


11 responses to “Maybe

  1. i really enjoyed this. i can relate to your writing for sure. please keep writing … i will keep visiting….take care….

  2. divine……..good poem….
    next time to now….
    breath in… love….
    breath out happiness…….
    true ends of life…..

    every breath invaluable….earns… invaluable happiness….
    learn = l earn = love earn = happiness of body..mind..soul..spirit..

    right hand …body
    left hand ….soul..
    bring them together…mirror of God…
    minimum for 3 minutes
    like prayers…..balance of mind……
    mind to no mind…
    life = dance of zero
    love all… so simple

  3. Theres always a Next time, they say… Theres also a Right Now, I say.
    I enjoyed the way your thoughts flowed, for they echo mine too when I feel like I have been running away from life.

  4. Hello, sweet Enreal 🙂

    Your piece is poignant and touching. It reminded me of some words I held on to during a time (a couple of times) in my life when I had given up on my dreams: “We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell.

    Maybe it’s time for a NEW dream. xoxo

  5. How is it going Enreal,

    First off this was truly wonderful and something you should be proud of. Secondly thank you for stopping by during the last rally and I am sorry i didnt get back to you sooner. Thirdly always fill free to swing back by my blog and look around there may be some things you will like.

  6. enreal… amazing piece here. really. this touched me. every word, I feel as if i’ve spoken or thought myself… except… for the part about the girl who was full of joy, and free of fear.. I realized, I’ve never had that… I’m working real hard at having it now… I sure how there’s a next time… and I hope it starts tomorrow.

    I like the quote Grace mentioned…
    “We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell.

    easier said, than done… but, dammit… has to be worth a shot.

    • Sam… I think we both know its worth it… but are our shots gonna count? Hmmmm… yup I think they do. and every single day I hope for the next to be better than that of the yesterdays… one day… so for know I keep trying to be better. oh well. and thanks for sharing you hopes and thoughts.

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