Are we meant for something extraordinary? I believe each and everyone of us is. Existence is extraordinary. It is a powerful miracle we encounter each and everyday.

We are all connected by Life and in turn every life is important. None is less than or greater than the other. It is a lesson we must all learn at some point in our existence…

We need each other to survive
We need each other to grow
We live in a world that is smaller than ever before

To believe that we don’t make a difference is thinking too large
Look closer

As close as your family
As close as your love

What ever the person or cause
We affect those who we love
Our energies are extreme
Our visions intense
Our impacts huge

Not for fortune
Not for fame
Not for power
Not for money
Not for anything

The effect is truth
We matter
We belong to each other
Accomplish the extraordinary
Be one
And accept responsibility for the One

10 responses to “Extraordinary

  1. *small, thoughtful nod*

    I woke up from an odd dream about 20 min. ago and came here to read this.
    It won’t help me get back to sleep by a long shot – but it will give me something worthy of staying awake to think over.
    Thank you.

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