The Fall





The Ground





The Place





The Time





The reality

hands and knees

head bowed before thee

quiet, too broken to move


The Touch

gently passes over my mind

softly caresses my heart

faint whispers by my ear


The Light

so bright my eyes are forced to open

“please i want them to remained closed,

for the longer they are,

the longer i am…”




The night began to quiver with energy. The stars suspended high above the world. The moon shone down with the light of the endless years.

The  wind blew gently through the ageless branches of life. The air held breath, the vivid darkness held time. Still yet pulled with the weight of anticipation… then the shift… through the moon light… Voices came from high… from within… through the silence… through the wind… spoken clearly… simultaneously… beautifully…

We speak to thee as one
We plead to thee as none
While in the night we sought
Within ourselves we fought

For when we awake
Our lives we forsake
In the night we burned
What in the day we learned

As they fade,
The answers we so desperately seek.
As they go,
Our soul will always know.
As we part,
From the knowledge we most want.
As we learn,
That they can never be taught.
For as we grow,
With our soul aching to know.
They can never be lost
They can always be found
They are always within us
They are always around

Our truths
Our answers
Our lives
Our destinies

It is with you we yearn to see

It is with you we wish to be

Free with you

Bless this moon light

We can see

Now live

and be free

as if made from the fibers of a dream…

The night became still once more. The words lay vivid on the ground. The moon shines as never before. Bless this moon light indeed.

Leave of absence… off with my muse

Taking a break to finish a project… thanks to all who visit and keep me inspired… be back soon


What say you muse… shall we have a go? Shall we venture into the area which has been left unattended for too long… for this place has become overgrown… it has become wild.

What say you muse… shall you accompany me this evening? For it has been too long… the tales are wide and adventures need to be shared… what say you muse… shall we?

I believe we shall dear friend …

it has been too long and the air is crisp with anticipation…

it is fresh with dry water

alive with the winds which caress

Caress with icy hands that burn not the skin

Where is this place you speak of… for I see beauty in this darkness

that which is invisible to the dark

yet tangible and real

I see nothing abandoned…

All is well and right… all which is in plain sight… yet it is my mind which is ripe… awaiting a friend to accompany my thoughts tonight

Words and visions.

Thoughts and creations.

Songs and lyrics.

Colors and Sounds

It is my mind which races during slumber

It is my dreams which keep my soul awake

I am grateful

I am bursting

So what say you muse? Shall we go and make art… shall we once more make that which is obscure… clear?

Indeed we shall

the moments end

Speak softly
Listen slowly
Believe truly
It will soon pass

Watch closely
As the winds weep
And the waters grieve
Upon the summers sleep

Whisper and sigh
Let your mind cry
Think upon things

Bring forth the hidden wings

Day and night
Shadows of light
Time and place
Full of wisdoms grace

For want of nothing
For need of something
For understanding and sight
Grant us the vision, be it right

With any amount time
For any amount of space
For any given moment
With every granted space
every moment
every treasure
every smile
every pleasure

These moments are cast

Placed in the past

For all shall soon pass

But memories,

they are what last