My Time

An angel came softly,
“Your time is coming”

Scared she knew,
“I am not ready!”

Angel questioned quietly,
“What were you waiting for?”

She thought loudly,
“I didn’t think it would be this soon.”

Interested Angel asked,
“What do you think Life is? What of destiny?”

Confused she pleaded,
“Please, I need more time”

In silence and serenity Angle spoke,
“Why shall I grant it to you? Deep inside you knew the rules. No one controls fate.”

She knew, she finally understood,
“What have I done?”

Angel sat serene, pondering her troubles,
“I mean you no sadness, only peace. Most do as you have done, they wait. For what, I know not.”
“Your time is close at hand. I grant you this one moment. For it is sad, you all hold so much”

Her relief passed through into worry and grief.
“One moment? I need more time, what is a moment?”

Bewildered Angel spoke,
“You have had this gift, and yet, still you ask more. You have had this Life, and still you need more. Always more, that is why you choose to remain? Yearn for more time? What more could you want?”

Unable to respond, she sat. Then sadly she answered.
“I just want more time. Just more time.”

Angel replied,
“Time? That my friend is subjective. Now take this moment and face this moment as if you are free. Live this moment for you. For this moment will pass. It will leave you, as will I. Only when I leave, I take with me your desire for time. I will show you your desire is nothing greater than a veil, a mirage. I will not fill the void, I will let it be. So focus on Life and leave times distraction behind.”



16 responses to “My Time

  1. Isn’t it true how we always want more time….

    ~amber~ when we stop wanting more I would begin to worry… I feel we don’t know how to use it properly… maybe one day we will learn… hopefully

  2. After having spent the weekend with a good friend who is in her 90’s, I know that time is not a linear thing.
    All moments exist at once.
    So my angel…
    what will you do with your illusion of time?

    ~sorrow~ wow… I have to think about this one… what will I do? It is easier to hypothesize… I suppose I will live… perhaps I will start tomorrow?

  3. Very beautiful and profound!

    We are all travellers in time, be it in this realm or the next. And what is time? A subjective construct, so that we can apply and comprehend the outer objective realities.

    And what is reality? Only Time will reveal all!

    Peace and love to you my friend.

    Cyrus Rumi

    ~cyrus~ brilliant words my friend… ever so blessed to have you here… Only time will reveal all … Amen

  4. Procrastination produces panic. Preparedness brings peace.
    I think we value our concept of time because it’s all we’ve ever known. As a result, we grasp for more of it.

    ~morning joy~ imagine we could learn something else… other than time… what then could we grasp for? Love perhaps… Do you think Love can have the same effect as time?

  5. Nice perspective.

    Perhaps believing in time and being in the world synonymous.

    ~mossy~ interesting… now what have you if you do not believe in time? are you not in this world… that would explain a great deal to me… 😉

  6. I think that a lot of us live for the next moment, not the moment that’s given to us…we worry or hope for tomorrow, but we can never live tomorrow, but only the present…

    ~as i am~ living in the future is a dangerous and futile game… the present often comes crashing down and breaking all hope and spirit… this is what I faced when I lived in tomorrow… tomorrow never came and in turn I lost yesterday forever… this is what I faced when I lost my father

    so let us as you say “live in the moment” thank you for your comment, it brought forth a memory I needed to face again..

  7. I needed this, and somehow you knew. :). My soul is grateful for this reminder through you.

    ~my soul~ I am silenced by your gratefulness… may we all receive the messages we are meant to receive… and be grateful for the good and the bad… thank you my soul

  8. How beautifully told Enreal. We grasp onto time to a degree that we are unable to embrace allness. Thanks for creating and sharing.

    ~cordie~ we all take from each other and share with each other… with out your light I amy never have seen my world… thank you for being here

  9. I second all that have said it before, I’ve reread this one close on 10 times no jokes, have come back here often to read but never enough time to properly comment, sorry. Things have been kinda hectic.

    This is beautiful in its simplicity, it’s message between the lines and the truth that lies there in. Thank you, perfect timing for me on a whole – hugs my friend!

    ~sanity~ I hope you are well and thank you for taking time here… you know where to find me… I am always here~

  10. I learned all I needed to know about time as I watched my mother and father fall victim to Alzheimers.
    It’s taught me the true value of memories.
    I’m not sure where these words come from but they comfort me.
    Strange, huh?
    Maybe not.
    I need to get here more often.

    ~m~ These beautiful words come from your soul… you may not hear them but they are there all along…it is a difficult thing to watch your parents suffer… it is the memories we keep… they are just as alive in our hearts and our minds… they are what brings our smiles out… thank you for sharing this here… blessings and light my friend…

  11. Dear enreal, when you write dialogues, the topic becomes vivid and alive. Thank you for presenting the need for time so well…Rainer

    ~rainer~ I love dialogues… the metaphysical kind… it gives me hope… that even if these words were never spoken… they could be one day…

  12. Interesting… I imagine a lot of people will be both relieved and sad at the time of their death… relieved because they’re old, weary and can’t do the things they used to do. And sad because, well, they just might want to do it all again… one more time.

    Or maybe they’ll recall a dream never fulfilled… whatever the reason, it’s my belief that God has much in store for us. More than we could ever imagine… and in that place, time doesn’t matter. One has all the time in the world… and beyond… 🙂

    ~michael~ your insight is remarkable… time time time tick tock… indeed in that place… time doesn’t matter… we shall laugh on it when we arrive… until then watch the clock… don’t want to be late

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  14. Is it time we want or maybe just another chance to do what we never dared to?

    Well done, Enreal.

    ~spaz~ I think if we dared not… what makes the change? I have had second chances… and I still succumbed to my fears… I think for some, you are right… and for others it is the chance to watch it unfold… to be a witness… these are those who do not live there own lives… I do not live… it is my choice I suppose…

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