Unlimited Knowledge

“To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge.”

~Benjamin Disreali (1804-1881), Sybil, 1845


How much do we truly know about science? I love the sciences, mainly physics and some psuedo-sciences. For no other reason but pure awe and wonderment. I am no Einstein, but I try to teach myself in all fields, I try to understand. Sometimes I wonder…Have we created or given names to these “things”, do they truly exist in the form that we perceive? Have we defined our reality and demystified life? Is this what we were meant to do?

I personally think knowledge is the key to life, but what sort of knowledge? Have we created light, yes and no. Have we created fire and power, yes and no. Are we capable of creating life, yes and no. Are we capable of creating death, yes and no. Have we become God? Yes and no.

Now separate these questions and define them.

Is it DNA or is it something we have discovered and named. If God were to come down and say,”No…you’ve got it all wrong”, Would you believe? I wonder…how many things we have created from some other larger canvas? What have we here but a fragment of a larger portrait. I don’t know…but that is why we are here…to learn.

Powerful questions to analyze. The answers could be defined as yes according to our definitions and our languages. But most definitely no, according to our general “Knowledge”… it is like the chicken and the egg…which came first?

Puzzles upon puzzles, stacked blocks of knowledge ready to be glued forever in human history…one catch, there is and never will be a definitive answer. We have molded our minds and preconditioned ourselves for the “truth”. Yet, I see and know no truths. Perhaps one day we will hold The Book of Life with all answers, perhaps one day we will glimpse the truth… reality… perhaps one day.

8 responses to “Unlimited Knowledge

  1. We have molded our minds and preconditioned ourselves for the “truth”. Yet, I see and know no truths.

    How profound….like a moment of clarity, one elusive moment, in the middle of the night,awake, and the universe seems so crystallline and clear.

    Well written Enreal.
    I enjoyed the reading.
    Thank You.

    ~J Alan~ always a pleasure hearing your ‘voice’ . I am glad this resonated with you… for your moments of clarity are vibrant in your work… and i look forward to hearing you through your eyes

  2. The impulse to know(through experience) is perhaps divine.
    But then mind asks something like “Is red, black or white?”

    This I believe is where Adam and Eve fall from Paradise, continously.

    We are not built to have objective knowledge yet we imagine that we have it. We have glorious subjective experience but we spit on it and turn to look to our imagined “objective knowledge”.

    ~mossy~ wow… brilliant as ever… you speak volumes to our limited minds… or objective knowledge

  3. What is truth, really? Who defines what truth is? Reality, what is reality? Good questions to ponder upon…

    ~as i am~ that is the heart of philosophy my friend… let us continue to question until our minds let go…

  4. this brought to mind a course i had in college, where the professor was able to disprove many “so called truths” that we believed.
    the evolution of thought is an ongoing experiment with the ability to let go of limitations and preconceived notions.
    One of the most amazing things I have ever been witness to was when i asked a child
    “are you an animal?”
    the answers was enlightening…
    namaste dear enreal….

    ~sorrow~ you are the enlightening one… the limitations are our challenges… for even to gaze upon the boundaries is an accomplishment… let us reach for the stars… your ahead… thanks for the smile

  5. :). Namaste. I love the conclusion “I see and know no Truths”. This state is not a comfortable state to be in…the not knowing. The fun side of this is, when we sit and think “there is no Truth as we define truth” we also have people in a power struggle over the ONLY TRUTH. Imagine the amusement.

    We dont have any Absolute Truths(cause it remains true only under certain conditions) only Relative Truths. Relative to – pre-conditioning, how we interpret and understand our experiences, what we think we know/dont know, where, how and who we live with in our everyday life, what we choose for indoctrination and belief, how much courage we have to conform/not conform to an existing view of life. Thats the extent of our Truths. Amazing isnt it? I wonder how much is a dream/illusion and how much of it is REAL. Is there an REAL at all? And if it is an illusion, maybe I dont exist.

    What would I classify as Absolute Truth? I think Change is an Absolute Truth.. no matter what happens, Change is a constant in life.

    ~my soul~ your understanding of truths is impressive… most do not see clearly past their noses… let alone the vastness of reality… “maybe I don’t exist” kudos

    Great response

  6. Enreal – You and I have something in common. I teach myself also, science and medicine. Both fascinate me. I guess I have an aptitude for both. But I never become bored with either.


    ~Amber~ Me neither 😉 thanks for stopping by

  7. We see the universe in all its wonder through the eyes of where we are at that time as a species. As we evolve, we will some day see the universe as it is. Until then, as we see it now is good enough for now.

    ~norea~ you cease to amaze… the simplicity of your statements could silence armies… with wisdom of course… let us ponder this…

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