My Time

An angel came softly,
“Your time is coming”

Scared she knew,
“I am not ready!”

Angel questioned quietly,
“What were you waiting for?”

She thought loudly,
“I didn’t think it would be this soon.”

Interested Angel asked,
“What do you think Life is? What of destiny?”

Confused she pleaded,
“Please, I need more time”

In silence and serenity Angle spoke,
“Why shall I grant it to you? Deep inside you knew the rules. No one controls fate.”

She knew, she finally understood,
“What have I done?”

Angel sat serene, pondering her troubles,
“I mean you no sadness, only peace. Most do as you have done, they wait. For what, I know not.”
“Your time is close at hand. I grant you this one moment. For it is sad, you all hold so much”

Her relief passed through into worry and grief.
“One moment? I need more time, what is a moment?”

Bewildered Angel spoke,
“You have had this gift, and yet, still you ask more. You have had this Life, and still you need more. Always more, that is why you choose to remain? Yearn for more time? What more could you want?”

Unable to respond, she sat. Then sadly she answered.
“I just want more time. Just more time.”

Angel replied,
“Time? That my friend is subjective. Now take this moment and face this moment as if you are free. Live this moment for you. For this moment will pass. It will leave you, as will I. Only when I leave, I take with me your desire for time. I will show you your desire is nothing greater than a veil, a mirage. I will not fill the void, I will let it be. So focus on Life and leave times distraction behind.”