Silent Night

The sky is ever so fair

Stars glisten, blissfully unaware

The ray of orange surpassing their might

As rays of sun blind us from eternal a night


The wind nestles the trees

Promising release and reprieve

The onus unfair

Leaving promises forever to bear


Ponder these tasks upon these silent nights

Watch the light dance upon the moon sunlight

Reflect as reflections do

Shimmer and dance into something new

Yet when reflections fade

Remember it and gaze into darkenss

Sit in silence

For these are the silent nights


When the night is nearly spent

We watch and wait

For the dawn is the new fate

And dawn shall bring a new day

And day shall bring a new night

A silent night

We shall wait

The journey


I have come a long way
Journeyed a quiet pass
Explored a closed passage
Fallen away to the past

I have learned of virtue
I have learned of pain
I have learned to be patient
even learned to tempt fate…

All my wandering
All my travels rest
I am left in solace
I am quietly blessed

For time is wisdom
Wisdom is gained
The road to discovery
Forever I paved


Though simple it seems

We often learn more from our dreams

To follow the everyday path

To remember the meanings have passed

To look for the journey

We must look for the pain

To look for happiness

We must be able to envision the same