Unlimited Knowledge

“To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge.”

~Benjamin Disreali (1804-1881), Sybil, 1845


How much do we truly know about science? I love the sciences, mainly physics and some psuedo-sciences. For no other reason but pure awe and wonderment. I am no Einstein, but I try to teach myself in all fields, I try to understand. Sometimes I wonder…Have we created or given names to these “things”, do they truly exist in the form that we perceive? Have we defined our reality and demystified life? Is this what we were meant to do?

I personally think knowledge is the key to life, but what sort of knowledge? Have we created light, yes and no. Have we created fire and power, yes and no. Are we capable of creating life, yes and no. Are we capable of creating death, yes and no. Have we become God? Yes and no.

Now separate these questions and define them.

Is it DNA or is it something we have discovered and named. If God were to come down and say,”No…you’ve got it all wrong”, Would you believe? I wonder…how many things we have created from some other larger canvas? What have we here but a fragment of a larger portrait. I don’t know…but that is why we are here…to learn.

Powerful questions to analyze. The answers could be defined as yes according to our definitions and our languages. But most definitely no, according to our general “Knowledge”… it is like the chicken and the egg…which came first?

Puzzles upon puzzles, stacked blocks of knowledge ready to be glued forever in human history…one catch, there is and never will be a definitive answer. We have molded our minds and preconditioned ourselves for the “truth”. Yet, I see and know no truths. Perhaps one day we will hold The Book of Life with all answers, perhaps one day we will glimpse the truth… reality… perhaps one day.


Twilight descends on your eyes

Darkness floods your soul

The night though dark

Can never engulf you whole


Dawn ascends on your mind

Light captures your senses

The day is vivid

Never surpassing the brightness of your spirit


The contrast is ever so clear

The concepts and mysteries we fear

Shadows of knowledge dance with delight

Playing with truths and wisdom 

For an eternity is insight

I am

I am the one you won’t behold
I hold something you can not mold
I have peace forever old
I have centuries of secrets which won’t be told

I am your peace
I am your solace
I am your undefinable
I am your abstract

I give you comfort
I am your friend
I am your father
Until the end

Some call me Soul
Some call me Old
Some call me God
Yet some never call

A captive of Life
Confined in you
Forever with you
Unassumingly misunderstood

The Human Factor

Can we make a difference?
Surpass the past
Can we grow?

Have we the key?
Can we see the door?
Should we unlock it?
Who would it be for?

We have the key
We see the door
We have to unlock it
It has been done before

We can make a difference
Surpass the past
And grow

We have the human factor
We are all connected
As a whole we can make a change
As a whole we can make a difference
We must live ourselves
We must look within
It is simple for us to wait for others
It is simple for us to blame the rest
It is simply blaming ourselves
We don’t see it
Or do we?


Large concepts

Unbounded truths

Unyielding knowledge

No words


Forever questioning

As silent

As secrets



No Words


Speak with your mind



No words

Spoken Old


A voice 

A song

A melody





There are languages

Old Words



Still learned





is heard



The night


Enter my mind
Engulf my soul

Deepen my sense
Awaken my soul

So loud are the eyes
So silent the cries

So withered the ties
So torn are the lies

As the silence explodes
The night enfolds

To what memories toll

Be it ever so old


Within the maze of the sky

We fly ever so high

Leaving chances behind

Building dreams before us to climb


The victory we fear

The meaning is ever so clear

Showing purpose and sight

Giving solace to mind


Then shadow and fog

A sound from far far above

Growing is light

Past is the night