They come in all forms… words of advice from some higher self… your higher self

These serendipities… syncronicities 


Is that all they are?


How busy are we when we can’t take a minute and unwind… think about our burdens… think about the meanings…

How busy are we when it becomes stressful to stop and breathe?

These instances are when our mind/subconsiousness looks for signals… they are there already… we are just too busy to notice… it is our higher self which relays the message to the mind. 




These messages are all around… the messages are the ones we are too blind to see… plainly visable and understandable… they are our signs… we realize the problems, know the solutions, yet they are unheard…





These things are our messages… we know they are situations which are difficult… altering… these are things which we understand and know they shouldn’t be… they are our lessons… the fact that we all  know they are sorrowful… we all feel for the situations passionately… these are the things all sides can agree on… things that are inhumane… yet, there they are… existing… and to such extremes it breaks even some who are not there is person…




There are those which do wonderful charitable works… philanthropists… and every day good people… yet there are those who close there eyes to it… refuse to think, let alone acknowledge these situations… let us learn our lessons as a whole…




“One of the most powerful vision I have experienced was the first photograph of the earth from outer space.  The image of a blue planet floating indeep space, glowing like the full moon on a clear night, brought home powerfully to me the recognition that we are indeed all members of a single family sharing one little house.” -dalai lama




So in conclusion…  these are extremes… which are our messages… we need to listen more… perhaps the solution is there as well… we just need to look a bit deeper… and share with one another… 

11 responses to “Messages

  1. They say the greatest evil is for men and women of goodwill to stand by and do nothing…

    Indeed the message comes from within and we need to make space to listen, to hear and to act on that voice. stillness… I long for stillness.

    Sometimes I think we feel powerless to help in these huge circumstances. How can I, one person, help end poverty?

    Perhaps I can’t change the world, but I can change myself. And if everyone took responsibility to change themselves the world would automatically become a better place.

    Men and women of goodwill… change yourselves and make the world a better place for everyone and everything.

    Thankyou for profound words, Enreal.

    ~Zenuria~ thank you for your insight and innocent wisdom… If only all could read your words… in a perfect world…

  2. There is some merit to the idea of not resisting evil.

    I have come to see this ancient understanding, not to encourage evil, but not to judge evil as belonging to those who seem to represent it. It is a very hard lesson, not “getting even” or making sure that what I believe is good wins out. Yet I do spend a bit of my time pointing out where things are amiss. One does need to know where to illuminate.

    The point I make on evil, comes from personal experience. As a youth, whatever sense of failure I had, and anger about my acceptance of it, along with my own disappointment with my life. This in some ways, was evil invited in by my view of Life. I had accommodated to a lesser self, and I certainly projected that decision into the world for others to see.

    I experienced what seemed like non-judgement in certain others. That did not reinforce my negativity, instead, I was shown a higher way to be, one that implied forgiveness in that some who could have judged me however wrong. Instead, I did not resist that negative me. I could set it free. These enlightened others held a door of inclusion open to me, as if to say. You. The real you. The one inside we know. We see you, we need you because you are here. You do belong to what is full and open. Lets go.

    What that did, was allow me to dissolve what was essentially evil that I had given quarters to. My own self judgement held over my own head was illuminated. I could freely forgive myself and see how ill will is generated and perpetuated.

    This has remained a spiritual lesson that I cannot turn my back on, no matter how horrible we humans can be. What any one may be waiting on, is that inner light shown first through an others unconditional acceptance; unconditional Love.

    This is not just popular positive spiritual platitude. I was also given a transcendental experience of absolute Love at one of my worst moments, just when I thought life was over. I was agnostic at the time and not into spiritual perception. I was literally grabbed out of my life and shown what the truth of Being was.

    That ended up being the final assurance I, or I imagine anyone ever required to see the light. I feel very fortunate to be given such a wake up call. Hopefully, many may not need such a direct prodding.

    If this has not happened to any of you, it did once to me, right out of the blue. The experience also left me with no fear of death, for we are always a part of Love. Love is surrounding even the worst of us, and when we are seemingly all alone and forgotten. We are still Loved.

    As it is, Love is an omniscient influence, yet its power seems real only to hearts and minds who recognize what they really are. We hold the whole world in our hands and hearts.

    Thank you Enreal

    ~benafia~ you brought a lightness to my heart and a hope to my mind… this is indeed a beautiful story, I am honored you shared it here… thank you my friend

  3. Sometimes messages come to me in the form of actions. Things that people do, or don’t do.
    does this make sense?
    I like the reminder to be aware of those messages..and we are all connected in the great Verse…
    thanks E

    ~Sorrow~ “in the great Verse” I love that !! Actions, thoughts, randomness… yes it all makes sense… even reading a comment someone else wrote… that seems to always fit… that makes sense too!

  4. “Synchronicities are signposts,”

    ~Paul~ Indeed they are… though somehow I always get lost… perhaps I should find a map… thats next of course 😉

  5. Yes, it is oft those deep places of suffering that reveal the messages…to those that are ready.

    Again thank you for BEing.

    ~gypsy~ often times I say that I am ready, yet when the moment comes I fail… I had a dream this morning… I was with my father, he spoke and I started to cry… the tears woke me up before he could finish his sentence… I wonder…

  6. Ps benafia’s link is not working. I found the site by goggle. Very interesting site…alas comments were closed there. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. :O

    ~p.s. his site should be open… truly brilliant… He is on my blogroll… do read on!

  7. Great Message, Has a lot of meaning. Really nice alarm for all of us to do the right actions for our Universe ..
    Because it deserves more than that .

    ~sleeping spirit~ It deserves way more that that… it deserves us all… we live and breathe in it…thank you for your light

  8. Beautiful message, perhaps they are all the solutions to each of the problems the world faces, perhaps if just a few more people stood up to be counted… perhaps – theres that word again!

    ~Sanity~ Perhaps is certainty in this case… in a perfect world I always say! Thanks again

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  10. Thank You all for adding such richness to this… like always I am always humbled by the love and knowledge left behind… thank you for being part of (this) world…

    Peace and Love to all

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