Have you ever seen shame

The glimpse of hurt within the shadow of the eye

The glimmer of hope fading with every second of realization


Have you ever tried to feel the hurt of another

When the moment comes 

The attack falling on ones Soul

The pain ravaging the Mind

To see the truth
 To feel the answer

Some call it empathy

To bestow is apathy

To acknowledge is neccessity

That is wisdom


For I have seen shame

The sadness and despair

The energy of pain

I wish never to see it again

5 responses to “Shame

  1. At times I think we all see this and this spurns us to move forward. My own past checked with parts that I am not proud of. We live and learn, from mistakes of the past, lessons are hard, but using what we learn we are not what we were yesterday nor who we are tomorrow.

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