Beginning and End


And He said…
“I will show you how it began”

He showed a place
Beautiful full of grace

He brought me to the start
“Feel the light,
Not far is the heart”

He took me there
Free of worry
Free of care

He showed me a tree
Roots and limbs free

Life breathes
Through the leaves

In this place
Beautiful full of grace
There was peace

Then He said…
“I will show you how it ends”

He brought upon me confusion
He brought upon me chaos

He showed me birth
He showed me death

He took me there
Free of worry
Free of care

He showed me a tree
Roots and limbs free

Then He said…
“Do you see?
Life is the tree,
In the beginning,
This is the end”

“I wish not confusion upon thee”

“I wish only you to see,
What a cycle life can be”

Emotion is life…
Through birth and death
Sadness is happiness
Life is death

“Although masked by the same,
You have given it a name”

13 responses to “Beginning and End

  1. What a great image, then it gets better with a wonderful introspection in the cosmological sense.

    I had just written back to you from you comment on my blog. Threads weave themselves through the web.

  2. Beautiful and true. Your words always amaze me. Here is a place I can come to here the questions asked so poetically which provoke the answers to that which I feel I know somewhere in my soul. You bring it to the surface so beautifully! As always, PLL, CordieB.

  3. Sadness is happiness
    Life is death

    My ride on the train Monday morning just won’t be the same after pondering this. Damn.
    Perfect words in perfect order.
    Thanks so much for your most recent visits, E
    Much appreciated.

  4. ~benafia~ indeed we shall all weave a beautiful tapestry… all the beautiful Souls in this world… radiating 😀

    ~cordiie~ they are in your soul… as they are in mine… just a bit out of reach always… thank you for your light…

    ~michael~ you are too much… damn is right. Thank you again for your comment…

  5. The image and your words are once again hauntingly beautiful!

    I think “the reaching” is the journey. What I don’t know is…why the need? I am thankful for the light along the way…otherwise I think I would be afraid.

    Thank you for your light and for BEing, dear Enreal!

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  7. One may forever knock on the door, but if no one is home, the door never opens…..

    Perhaps it’s the continual journey to the door….

  8. So wise, so true. ““Although masked by the same,
    You have given it a name”” I suppose that is why feeling unemotional is akin to feeling dead. Should we embrace our feelings with infinite passion – whether anguish or gladness? Would this make us feel alive! Perhaps. Another thougt provoking, mind revolutionary post dearest Enreal. Thank you for being. PLL, CordieB.

  9. ~DS~ thank you and welcome…

    ~gypsy~ your words never cease to amaze… thank you for shining when i need a light…

    ~rainer~ you see the connection, the cycle… thank you for sharing

    ~alan~ great concepts and visuals

    ~Vanessa~ wise words… i believe you had the wisdom from the beginning of the circle… welcome and thank you for sharing your light

    ~mark~ thank you

    ~cordie~ you are a blessing. thank you for your love and light

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